Wife Humiliation

Wife HumiliationLet’s bring your wife into our little slut game.

I’m going to take control. I’m going to manipulate your marriage and sex life. I’m going to have you humiliate your wife at my direction. I’m going to ruin the sanctity of your marriage.

The way I see it your wife should be punished for marrying a fuck-tard like you in the first place. She is going to get humiliated for her marriage mistake. And let’s face it, she is a flat out pain in the ass sometimes. She nags you. She denies you sexual interaction. Not that I blame her in that regard, but that’s besides the point. I know a part of you is going to enjoy this tremendously. Your wife is my new whore and you’re going to help me break her in. But best of all, you get to be a little whore right along side your wifey. You will perform rituals to enforce, not only your place, but also your wife’s place in the marriage as well.

You want the perfect marriage, but you fall oh so short. That’s actually a huge understatement. Your marriage is a total sham. For the most part, your wife is a prude. She’s totally vanilla. Does she even refer to your cock as a cock, lol?? She would never understand your desire to be a dirty slut. That’s why you’d rather stroke to my photos and words than have actual sex with your wife.

Just think, when it’s all said and done, you and your wifey will have something in common- you can both say that you’re Mistress Sarah’s whore.

So do you have the balls to go through with it and humiliate that bitch like she deserves??

I know some of you might be single. But I’m sure you want to get married or at least get a girlfriend someday, pathetic as that is. It’s never too early to learn what I have in store for your future relationship.

Remember, it’s only logical that I extend my control to ALL aspects of your life and that includes your marriage.

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