The Ultimate Orgasm Challenge

The Ultimate Orgasm ChallengeI get lots of emails for my stroking subbies telling me how much better they get off when they’re being dirty and slutty for Mistress. I like my subbies to cum hard when they serve their Mistress. I love it when you make a huge worship puddle of cum for me- so much more for you to clean up.

So I got to thinking the other day- just how much can you cum?? How big of an orgasm can you have in one jerk off session?? I’m thinking that with enough teasing, denial, edging, and humiliation, you can explode and squirt like a fucking fire hose.

I want my stroking subbie to have an endless orgasm, so I decided to put this assignment and training session together. It spans a total of three days. Each day you get specific cock handling instructions and tasks to be performed at various times throughout the day.

The ultimate orgasm starts in the mind, so we begin with a mental conditioning exercise, followed by orgasm tips and suggestions. Then, you’re instructed exactly how to handle and stimulate your cock over the three day period, using a combination of tease and denial, humiliation tasks, edging, obedience, and servitude.

I hope you’re “slut” enough to successfully complete the Ultimate Orgasm Challenge. At the end, if you haven’t achieved the ultimate orgasm- as defined by Mistress- you’ll face punishment for failing me.

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