The Cum Monger Assignment

The Cum Monger AssignmentIf you’re like many of my bitches, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for the privilege of eating your own spunk for me. It’s such an obsession, isn’t it?? You’re probably the same way, aren’t you?? Admit it- you want to eat your cum for me. Don’t deny it. The reality is, you don’t truly get off if you’re not made to eat every drop of your pearly white mess.

For you, the best part of masturbation is the post orgasm humiliation- when I snap my fingers, point to your spermy puddle, and order you to clean it up. I don’t even have to say anything, do I?? All I have to do is give you the look, and you’re on your knees cleaning it up like a cum sponge.

Still not convinced you’re a cum mongering slut??

Well do you feel euphoric after eating your cum??
Do you feel a sense of slutty pride knowing you ate your own cum for me??

If you answered yes, then you are indeed a slutty cum monger- just like my other bitches, lol.

The more embarrassing and humiliating I make your masturbation and cum eating, the more you fucking love it. So come on. I want you to put on a dirty slutty cum eating show for me. Entertain me, bitch.

Show Mistress how a true cum mongering slut does it.

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