Super Orgasm Game

Super Orgasm Cum Eating GameIt’s so funny how men always pride themselves on their ability to ejaculate. The stupid sounds they made are so fucking hilarious. It’s like their one moment to truly shine as they shoot that repulsive, disgusting mess all over the place. But the reality of the situation is much different.

You need to realize that when you ejaculate, it’s not a shining moment of pride, but rather more proof of how useless and pathetic you are. Your icky ejaculation is just another inferiority in a very long list.

Let me explain, if you were as good as a woman, you’d be able to gush and squirt when you orgasm, rather than the few puny drops your cock manages to expel. Not only that, but you’d be able to cum over and over again, without having to wait a fucking eternity between orgasms while your shriveled up dick shows any sign of life.

Even though your orgasm will never be as good as a female’s, I still like your dingy to squirt as much as possible, only to laugh my ass off at your failed attempts. I do like you to have as big an orgasm as possible so you have more of mess to clean up. No more wimpy loads for my greedy cum whore.

The Super Orgasm Game is a cum eating game featuring extended stroking, total cock control, tease and denial, and lots of humiliation. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be allowed to have your pathetic orgasm and you’ll be made to swallow every drop of that dreadful ejaculation.

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