The Reasons Why You Have To Eat Your Cum

My intention with this little note is to help you come to terms with the fact that your place is to either swallow, wear, or do other disgusting things with your cum as I instruct. When you get down to it there are three reasons for you to be a cum eating slut.

One reason is because it’s friendly to the environment. Using a paper towel or tissue to clean up your spermy mess is most inappropriate. It’s a waste of money. It’s also a form of pollution and therefore harmful to the environment. We don’t want your cum rag to linger for years in some landfill. Why in the fuck would you want to waste a paper towel or tissue when there’s a free cum dump literally right under your nose?? The same logic applies to using a cloth to wipe up your mess. It goes in your mouth or on your body- not on a fucking towel. A dirty little slut like you isn’t worthy of a paper towel.

I basically view your cum as disgusting toxic substance. It’s the end result of you being a filthy masturbation pig. As with any toxic matter it needs to be cleaned up in the proper manner so it doesn’t contaminate anything. Your filthy mouth is where that pearly toxic spunk goes. You’re job is to dispose of any evidence regarding your filthy addiction- as if it never existed. What if someone saw a towel with dried up cum on it?? What would they think?? No, it’s gonna be our little secret that you’re a online porn addict, addicted to masturbating to filth. A good little whore-bag, always disposes of the “toxic evidence” in the proper manner- by swallowing it.

Eating your cum is not only good for the environment and for concealing your perverted nature, it’s also good for you from a nutrition standpoint. Did you know that?? I bet you didn’t know of the many health benefits associated with eating cum. First, there are only about 10 to 15 calories in a cum load, so it’s not gonna make you fat like all the other shit you eat. Second, your cum is nearly 100 percent protein, which will help you build muscle and stamina. Finally, there are many micro-nutrients in cum including vitamin c, zinc, calcium, and potassium. Haha, who needs a cup of milk when you can have a cup of hot cum for healthy bones. It only makes sense that the perfect way for a dirty slut to start the day is by supplementing your breakfast with a hot load of nutrition packed cum.

Finally, and most importantly, it’s proper protocol for you to eat your own cum. In our relationship, you eating your own cum has a very specific and symbolic meaning. By being a load lapper slut for me, you indicate both your acceptance and transformation from man to dirty filthy slut. You demonstrate your willingness to forego normal masturbation and sexual activities in favor of being a receptacle for your filthy, disgusting, and toxic mess. Eating cum means you’ve accepted your status as a dirty fuck slut whose only purpose is to be humiliated, laughed at, and ridiculed. Eating your cum is representative of the fact that your dignity and limits have been stripped away- that you absolutely love having no shame. Making you eat your cum and perform in increasingly embarrassing ways is symbolic of my superiority, dominance, and control over you.

So there you have it, whore-bag. Now there’s never any reason or excuse for you not to eat deposit every load where it’s supposed to go- in your fucking cum dump of a mouth.

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