Random Cum Slut Whore Humiliation

Random Cum Eating AssignmentYes, I enjoy humiliating you for being a cum slut bitch whore. It’s super fun to fuck with you and humiliate you, especially after you’ve been allowed to orgasm. I love pouncing when your sexual arousal is at its lowest.

Devising ways to humiliate you and make you a dirty cum whore is my artistic and creative outlet. I enjoy sitting back, thinking of unique ways to dominate my bitch boys.

I know you want to get slutty for me. So tell me how much you want to be my cum slut bitch whore today. Out loud, bitch. I want to hear you. Beg to be my dirty. bitch. Say, “Mistress Sarah, I want to be your filthy cum slut bitch whore.”

Well, being the giving and generous Mistress I am, I’m inclined to allow you the opportunity to amuse me with your slutty ways.

This cum slut humiliation session begins with a lengthy discussion on the subject of being a proper cum slut. We discuss your inability to follow through with many of your cum slut tasks. I’m going to address the unacceptable behavior. Because I want you to realize your cum slut aspirations, Mistress is going to give you some practical advice on the matter, so listen up. Failure to eat your cum will no longer be tolerated. Lastly, I present four unique humiliation tasks, so you can practice being a good cum slut bitch whore.

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