Punishing My Real Time Slave!!

Many of you reading this are probably not aware that I have a slave- a personal bitch boy- that serves me in real time. While he is not a live in slave, he is on call 24/7 to attend to my needs. Three times a week, he cleans my condo. He is required to run errands such as going to the grocery store and filling my car with gas. When I have him over to clean, cook, and serve me, he is required to attend to my every whim down to the smallest detail.

As a reminder that he’s my little bitch, I make him keep his legs shaved and make him wear sexy, lace thong panties daily. When he’s serving me in person, he is only allowed to wear his panties, though sometimes I make him put on a bra and four inch heels depending on my mood. It seems like I constantly have to remind him to pull his panties up and wear them the way a thong is supposed to be worn.

To my disgust, over the past few weeks he’s become somewhat disobedient. I’ve had to tell him when my wine glass needs to be refilled. Even after I tell him, he doesn’t move fast enough to replenish it. I’ve called him in the early morning to run an errand, like going to store because I’m in the mood for chips and salsa, and he bitches and complains about it. Yeah, he works graveyards and only had two hours of sleep, but, what the fuck, his sleep is irrelevant. When Mistress wants something, she wants it now!!

I keep the whip handy when he’s here and there have been times when he literally tries to stop me by grabbing the lashes of the whip to prevent me from inflicting pain. I love digging my long sexy nails into his skin and raking them across his body, to the point of drawing blood and leaving permanent marks. He is supposed to stand there and take it, yet he squirms, moves, and sometimes tries to stop me. He bitches that his skin is too cold to be scratched and that he deals with it better when he’s warm. Again, what the fuck??

Naturally, he needs to be punished for this unacceptable behavior. He needs to learn how to be a good bitch for his Mistress. I punished him appropriately and ordered him to write about it. Below is a detailed account of his punishment in his own words.


Mistress called me the other morning and told me that I was going to be punished hard for my disobedience and failure to be a good bitch for her. She told me that I going to be taught how to be a good bitch. She explained how disappointed she was and that I was going to be punished for the following six things.

  1. Failing to attend to her needs fast enough.
  2. Being bitchy when she wakes me up to serve her.
  3. Attempting to grab the whip and stop her from whipping me.
  4. Squirming when being scratched rather than standing still and taking it.
  5. Complaining when she scratches, bites, whips, or punishes me.
  6. Not wearing my panties right and having to be told to pull them up.

Mistress tells me all the time that she loves to hurt me. I love hearing those words from her sexy voice. Today, I knew she was going to punish me really hard. She is right to do so, of course. It is a privilege to serve her. And I confess I haven’t done the best job in that regard.  I was apprehensive because I knew it’s going to really hurt but I also know it’s what I need and deserve for the way I’ve been acting. I also knew that if I didn’t get my ass over to her place fast enough, I would be punished even harder. Mistress doesn’t allow me to use a safe word. When she punishes me, it’s real punishment, not play.

Before going to her house, I was instructed to go outside and select several branches from the elm trees that populate my yard. They were pretty thin, say no more than an eight inch in diameter. Upon entering and presenting the branches to Mistress, she instructed to strip down to my panties stand before her. She slapped my face several times, before ordering me to lay face down on the bed. She quickly tied my wrists together tight. She took another piece of rope, ran it in between my wrists and secured it tightly to a bed post. Next, she tied my legs together tightly at the ankles and just above my knees so I couldn’t move them. Lastly, she removed her panties and shoved them in my mouth.

Using just one branch at a time, she began whipping me hard- on after another. Occasionally, she would pause to get a drink of wine and remind me how much she enjoys hurting me and why I was being punished  Deep red marks and welts on my back, ass, and legs, one after another, began to appear my body as the switch swooshed though the air. Many of the thin branches had small points or nubs on them. Several times one of these nubs would hit directly on my skin, causing tiny tricklets of blood to emerge. When a branch would break, she would simply get another and continue.

Every once in a while, I was able to look over and get a glimpse of her standing along side of the bed, branch in hand, and a super satisfied look on her beautiful face. It’s a look I know very well. Deep down, it’s an amazing feeling to know that her hurting me puts that look on her gorgeous face.

I don’t recall how long this lasted or how many lashes I received. What an amazing feeling to be bound and unable to move or resist. After a bit, I got to a place where all I wanted was more. After I was punished to her liking, she untied me. I got on my knees before her and thanked her for hurting me and teaching me to be a good bitch. I vowed that I learned my lesson and would never be disobedient again. She admired the marks she inflicted for awhile before dismissing me.

My back, ass, and legs are covered with deep red marks, welts, small punctures from the nubs. My body aches from being tied in one position. It hurts to sit down or lean up against a wall. It hurts to take a shower. It hurts when my clothes brush up against my backside. All a reminder of what a bitch gets when failing to serve properly and show obedience at all times. I’m not complaining by any means. I’m thankful Mistress corrected me and is molding me to her liking.

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