One Thousand Wanks of Worship

1000 Wanks Of WorshipEvery time you stroke your cock it’s for me. Do you understand that?? All of your wanks and orgasms for me, and none for your hag of a wife or tramp of a girlfriend. I expect to be worshiped daily with your endless wanking. Every time I let you cum, it’s your job to honor Mistress by cleaning up your mess like a good little slut. You know where that cum is supposed to go, don’t you??

Since you’re such a subservient slut, I want you to be a good bitch and give Mistress one-thousand strokes of your cock- one-thousand wanks of worship for your flawless Femdom Owner. That sounds like such fun to a hand humping, jerk off junkie like yourself, doesn’t it??

Deep down you know there is absolutely no point in jerking off if you’re not made to eat your cum afterwards- that’s the best part for both of us. You get to honor me by being a cum slurping slut exactly as I instruct. And I get the satisfaction of knowing that I thoroughly humiliated you once again making your mouth rich with cum.

This assignment includes the following cum eating tasks- 1-K, Gooey Toes, The Tilt, Crunch-Crunch, and Cum Dump.

Strip and present yourself. Amuse me. Show me what a dirty cum sponge you are, lol.

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