Humiliation Tournament

The Humiliation TournamentThe Humiliation Tournament was the very first cock control game I released. Since the original release, I’ve perfected and honed my craft of Domination and humiliation, and have decided to revise it- stuffing it full of even more humiliation for my NiteFlirt bitches.

Here’s how it works.

Today, you’re competing in the online Humiliation Tournament. The Humiliation Tournament is comprised of a series of games. If you win a game, you get to stroke your cock for me. If you lose a game- and lose you certainly will- you get humiliated and tormented by me. Not to worry, my little hand humping slut, even when you lose, you still get to play with your silly dingy- but only in a manner that adds to your embarrassment and humiliation.

My objective is very simple. During the Tournament, I exploit your vulnerabilities and weakness for my sexy abuse. I’m hell bent and dishing out the humiliation you know you deserve. I take an active role in the Humiliation Tournament by getting inside your head, distracting you, and fucking up your concentration so you cannot win. I like making you lose so I can subject you to scorn and ridicule, and turn you into my humiliation piggy.

Now, clothes off, my little slut. Present yourself to me and let the games begin.

Play Now, Bitch