Humiliation Assignments

Written humiliation assignments, in many ways, offer a level of play and control that simply isn’t possible with phone domination. My written words naturally intoxicate you. You hang on everyone of them and quickly fall under my control. As you read over the description of each humiliation assignment and imagine all the ways I can humiliate you, all the slutty things I can make you do. Your cock can’t help but twitch and tingle, and it’s not long before it’s oozing a steady stream of pre-cum.

My humiliation assignments and tasks offer the perfect blend of creativity, practicality, and realism. The humiliation assignments on my website won’t make you do something that isn’t realistic or possible- like sucking your own cock. Nor will my humiliation assignments require you do something stupid that could land you in jail- like streaking through Times Square. I want you to be my bitch, not someone else’s, lol.

Each humiliation session is packaged as a PDF file, so you can add them to your permanent collection. Many of my humiliation assignments contain several mini tasks. For example, many of my cum eating assignments contain five individual cum eating tasks to keep you busy for several orgasms. Others spans several days.

Like many of my subbie sluts, you’ll soon find out my humiliation assignments are some of the very best on the internet. Like so many others sluts and slaves, you too will soon become addicted.

By following my written humiliation assignments, you incorporate my will and desire into your daily life. Regardless of the type of humiliation task you select, from the moment you purchase it, I own your cock. Your demeanor will convey your sluttiness and desire to serve. Think of the humiliation assignment as a slave collar of sorts. Print it out. Carry it with you throughout the day. Pin it on your bulletin board or refrigerator. Read it over and over again. Soak up every single word of the humiliation assignment. Then set aside a specific time of day and perform for your Mistress.

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Humiliation Assignments

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