Guided Masturbation

Guided masturbation assignments and sessions are designed to take immediate and lasting control of your cock. They are tailor-made for the extreme jerk off junkie. Some of my guided masturbation assignments are designed to test your hand humping stamina and are created with a genuine curiosity of how far you’ll humiliate yourself to get off. Others are intended to deny you a pleasurable orgasm- or an orgasm at all, for that matter.

Of course you’ll try each guided masturbation assignment because you simply cannot resist the allure of Mistress directing and controlling your wank time. Your dick is always drippy with pre-cum. You’re always touching and rubbing yourself. Even through I’ve told you repeatedly that male masturbation is a dirty, shameful habit, you’re in love with your dingy, aren’t you?? You’re filthy and pathetic. And that’s why it’s only fitting for you to be guided to masturbate in humiliating and ridiculous ways. Filthy habits shall always be performed in filthy ways.

The days of you having free rein over your jerk off sessions are over!!


Guided Masturbation Assignments

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