Glory Hole Training

Glory Hole TrainingI’ve found that there are three types of glory hole cock sucking subbies. First, you have cock suckers that are ready, willing, and able. They have no qualms about spending hours at the glory hole, servicing the cocks of dozens of strangers for their Mistress. I love this type of glory hole slut.

The second type are those subbies who are more than willing to be a glory hole cock sucking slut, yet there simply aren’t any glory holes nearby where they live. Unfortunately, most of the time, these subbies have to wait until they go on vacation or go out of town on a business trip to fulfill their glory hole duties.

The last type of subbie is one who fantasizes endlessly about being on his knees, servicing big black cock, but has never actually done it before. For some of these types, strict training and dedication will help them realize their fantasy. But so many others are just to fucking pussy to actually follow through with it. Even if I dragged them to the glory hole on a collar and leash, they would still find a way out.

This training program is directed towards the second and third type of subbie. Even if you’re visiting the glory hole on your vacation of business trip, you’re not doing it frequently enough. And as with any skill, if you don’t practice it regularly, your performance suffers. Use it of lose it, bitch.

If you’re the shy and nervous type, this assignment will gradually desensitize and condition you realize your glory hole cock sucking fantasy. And lastly, if you’re just too much of pussy little bitch to visit a glory hole, this assignment will allow you to experience the slutty euphoria of stripping down, walking into a room, and devouring cock for Mistress.

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