Erotic Blackmail

Let me explain why I’m so fond of erotic blackmail.

In nearly every D/s relationship and interaction the sub is the one who is in control. Think about it. The sessions revolve around your fantasies…what you want…your safe word…your orgasm. Seriously, how fucked up is that?? What I find so great about erotic blackmail is that it removes all that and makes it almost impossible or you to disengage when things get too edgy.

Erotic blackmail takes D/s to a whole other level. It completely removes the inherent control a subbie has, thereby allowing me to take full control, absent any limits and inhibitions you might have. Of course, you can always say no and refuse me, but doing so would trigger serious consequences and reek havoc throughout your life. I’d reveal your secrets, confessions, photos, etc. without a second thought, and the world would quickly discover what a dirty fucking pervert you are.

Think for a moment about the rush and the mental anguish involved in erotic blackmail- knowing I can do absolutely anything to you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Think about a life of being a the mercy of a demanding bitch’s whim- completely powerless, and coerced into doing the most slutty things to please me. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it??

Erotic blackmail is never ending vicious cycle. Once I have a little bit of your info, it’s easy to get more. After you send the first batch, it’s over- you have no choice but to send whatever else I might want. And once I have a little bit, I only want more. I prefer toying with you, and diligently extracting valuable and seemingly harmless information with every conversation…every email…every instant message. Each time you’re left more exposed and vulnerable than before.

You might be wondering if I’d really blackmail you into a life of extreme and slutty perversion. Or if I’d totally fuck you over for refusing to do the slutty things I want you to do. The answer is fuck yes. I wouldn’t hesitate. Erotic blackmail is a game to me. I’m prepared to take it as far as I have to, to get what I want. How far are you willing to go to test me??

Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’ll destroy you all at once. I prefer incremental destruction. I bet it frightens you to know that I’m sitting back actively plotting and devising your destruction. Erotic blackmail is about me imposing my will on you. Should I have to resort to ruining you, I like to start small and make my presence and control known. Should you not surrender to my demands, I’ll fuck you over a little at a time, until you either conform to my demands and show total obedience, or until you’re totally destroyed. The choice is yours and yours alone.

While erotic blackmail is closely linked to financial domination, my approach is somewhat different. Financial control isn’t my primary motivation. That’s not to say you won’t tribute me regularly, but my form of erotic blackmail involves forcing you into a life of perversion where you’re made to do the sluttiest things. For some subbies, erotic blackmail is the only way then can ever fulfill the dirty, slutty desires that reside deep within. In short, you will become my whore and will endure things such as eating your cum, performing on cam, self bukkake, sucking cock, being pimped out, humiliating your wife or girlfriend, spending your weekends at the glory hole, being totally feminized, etc.

So how do you become my blackmailed slut?? For starters, don’t send your information unsolicited and expect me to spend my time and effort blackmailing you. That’s the quickest way to get blocked. Erotic blackmail involves a considerable amount of time and effort on my part. Regular tributes are required. I don’t play for free, after all. If that’s something you can’t or don’t understand, I suggest you seek out another Mistress.

I prefer you to start your erotic blackmail journey by playing my blackmail game. This will give you an insight to my style, and will show you what life is like when you’re blackmailed by me. After you play the game and submit the required information, we can move on to personalized blackmail, tailored specifically to your situation.

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