Earn My Ownership

Earn My OwnershipIn the BDSM world, too often subbies are quick to bellow out, “Please own me!” And all too often the Domme quickly answers, “Yes” and takes immediate “ownership” of him without a second thought. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a little fucked up and disingenuous. It’s the furthest thing from true ownership- nothing more than a passing fancy.

Real ownership and control is a process, not an event. It involves adherence to strict protocol, demonstrated obedience, and consistency over time. Careful selection of the submissive is required to ensure a proper fit and alignment with the Domme’s interests. Her needs. Her desires. Time is required to break the applicant, to mold him, and to tweak his mannerism and behaviors accordingly. To be truly owned, a submissive must surrender himself- mentally, emotionally, and physically- to the ownership process.

In short ownership must be earned. Many Dommes end up miserable and utterly dissatisfied with the lifestyle simply because they don’t take the time to properly select their submissives. Submissives need to be vetted. They need to be tested. They need to be treated harshly and broken down- that’s the only way they can be rebuilt into the image of their Owner, who is obviously superior in every way.

I personally seek submissives that are hungry- starving for my control. I seek those who will totally surrender themselves at my feet to be used and abused as I see fit. Ownership isn’t for every submissive, and that’s quite all right. There’s nothing wrong with casual sessions- just don’t mistake casual sessions for ownership.

So what about you?? Are you hungry for my control?? Are you ready to lay your naked body at my feet and obey?? Are you ready to broken or even shattered if need be?? Are you prepared to be a no limit fuck doll- a sticky cum rag to amuse me?? Are you ready to be a total pain slut for my sadistic desires?? Are you prepared to truly be owned??


I’ve put together this extended ownership assignment to accomplish that end. It covers five themes or areas of play that are most important to me. Each theme consists of a series of tasks, which you will complete as you work your way towards full ownership. After successful completion of each theme, you earn one letter of my name, which is bestowed upon you in my own special way, making my ownership absolute.

Bow before me, bitch. The path to ownership begins now!!

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