Daily Affirmations and Loser Abuse

Loser Affirmations and AbuseYou’re such a low down loser, aren’t you?? You’re so inadequate in every way imaginable. I know you try to cover up your inferiorities, but deep down you’re totally lacking. The fact is that you’ve been a fucking loser everyday of your pathetic life.

Yeah, you might have an outward appearance of success. You might, for example, be accomplished on the career front. But deep down you’re so lacking. Whenever you’re in the presence of a hot, superior woman, you’re totally awkward and feel completely inferior.

You try to hide it- you try to cover up with a false air of confidence, but women like me spot it from a mile away. We prey on spineless idiots like you. Despite any appearance of outward success, we don’t take you seriously in any capacity, not do we have any respect for you. We don’t take you seriously. We laugh in your ugly fucking face and mock you. We use you for whatever we can get, and we take joy in degrading you. You’re nothing more than a weak twerp to be manipulated, humiliated, and fucked with.

The more you’re ridiculed, humiliated, and mocked for your inadequacies, the more aroused your disgusting, filthy prick gets. Women snicker behind your back. They laugh in your face. Instead of being offended by these troubling facts, your itty-bitty dickie stands at attention, ready to wallow in your inferiorities and inadequacies.

Since you’re such a perverted, fucked up loser, I want you to embrace loser-hood. Loser Affirmations and Abuse is a fun game that will condition you to embrace your pathetic existence. Why would a Goddess like me be nice to a total fucking loser like you?? Ridicule is the only thing you deserve, you stupid tard. You’re presented with affirmations, which you will recite out loud until they thoroughly sink into your pea-sized brain. And of course lots of humiliation and abuse follows, as I lead to you a loser-gasm and let you make a loser puddle for your Goddess.

Graciously accept loser-hood, you fuck-tard.

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