Cum Eating

Making you eat your own cum is my absolute favorite form of post orgasm humiliation. It’s maximum humiliation when you’re at your lowest point of arousal. Forcing you to be a cum slut totally amuses me. Yes, eating your cum is gross and totally slutty- that’s why I make you do it.

Like many, as much as you fantasize about being my cum eating slut- and I know you fantasize about it endlessly- you almost always back out, don’t you?? Instead of faithfully and obediently eating your own cum after every orgasm, here’s usually what happens. You get so enamored with the idea of swallowing that load, you’re almost in a trance like state as you masturbate. Obsessed with the prospect idea of eating your own ejaculation, you shoot a huge spermy mess all over the place.

That’s where the where the problems begin. Almost immediately afterwards, all the desire you had to eat your cum like a good little slut is completely gone. Before you know it, you’re using a paper towel to clean up your cum instead of your tongue.

Then about twenty minutes later, you’re sitting there thinking about it again, aren’t you?? You’re thinking about how slutty it would have been to eat your cum for me. You’re disappointed that you didn’t follow through it. You feel cheated out of your chance to be a cum eating whore. So you vow to eat your cum next time for sure.

This vicious cycle of cum eating failure is unacceptable. I expect you to do better. Don’t deprive yourself- or more importantly your Mistress- of being a dirty, filthy cum slut. Through discipline and ongoing training, you will overcome this repeated cycle of cum eating failures.

My cum eating assignments and tutorials are designed to train you to get used to eating your cum. I’ll train you to be a good cum eater- a total uninhibited cum eating fuck-slut. My cum eating instructions are designed to break down the very psychological barriers that prevent you from being the cum whore you so desparately want to be. I will train you to the point where you look in the mirror after swallowing your load, and with a sense of slutty pride and thank me for making you eat your cum.

Most of my cum eating assignments feature five unique individual cum eating tasks to keep you busy for several orgasms. A couple cum eating assignments, like Swallow Like A Porn Star and Cum Glazed Panties, span several days. Sometimes, I like to structure cum eating tasks to allow you the choice of eating your cum or performing another humiliation or punishment task. If you’ve always wanted to eat your cum, but always back out at the last minute, I suggest you begin with my cum eating tutorial.

I snap my fingers. You stick out your tongue and lap. That’s the way it works, bitch.


Cum Eating Assignments



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