Cum Drunk

Cum DrunkAs you sit there with your hand on your cock, you might be wondering what exactly Cum Drunk is. Well, let me explain it like this. It starts when you feel a little twitch of your cock. Then another. Then another. With each twitch, you begin feeling more submissive and slutty. It’s as if a wave of slutty submission is washing over you. The idea of jerking off and having to eat your cum sounds so fucking hot, doesn’t it??

The idea grows and consumes your thoughts. It overwhelms you and blurs your ability to think. You can’t concentrate on anything but hot sticky cum. You might try to ignore it and put it out of your mind. But there’s no way around it- you have to a dirty cum whore- you need that fucking cum. You’re so worked up and totally blurred by your need for cum. So you give in, realizing the only thing that matters is being a dirty sleazy cum eater for Mistress.

You have to have that cum, and you’ll clean it up any way I tell you, won’t you?? A cum drunk whore swallows so much cum they can’t see straight.

Assignment include six cum eating tasks from sessions with some of my favorite cum drunk bitches!!

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