A Cruel Reality Check For A Smart Ass Slut

The other day I was having an email session with one of my slutty boys, which took an unexpected turn. This particular little bitch loves sucking cock for me and he does it so well. You should see some of the photos he sends me.

Anyway, this session he just wanted to chat about vanilla sex and relationships. Apparently, he was out at a club and managed to actually hookup with a chick. Wow, I’m shocked and a tad impressed. I didn’t think he had it in him. It was obvious from the tone of his email the encounter gave his ego a much needed boost.

So suddenly he thinks he’s a player and starts boasting about how he can get any woman he wants, blah, blah, blah. I’m smiling and totally amused because I’ve seen him at his sluttiest many times. It wasn’t more than two weeks ago he was on his knees getting face fucked by a big black cock- complete with tears streaming down his face.

“The sex was great, Mistress Sarah. The only thing is that she stopped me a few times and asked if the condom she gave me was still on.”

Yikes!! That doesn’t sound good at all. But he’s unfazed and continues on. I don’t do make believe well, and after a while I had enough.

“Why do you suppose she kept asking if the condom was still on?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Mistress Sarah, probably just a coincidence or something,” he replied.

“Um no sweetie, she kept asking you that because she gave you an extra large condom, while your cock size is average at best, probably a little less than average. She thought it was slipping off,” I say, laughing out loud.

I can tell from his email that he doesn’t quite believe me about the slippage or about cock size. So I proceed to prove my point by asking him if he likes sucking big cock.

“Oh yes, absolutely Mistress Sarah, the bigger the better. You know that.”

“Then why do you think she’s any different? Don’t you think she likes a big, satisfying cock, just like you do?” I ask.

Haha, I can tell it’s finally sinking in. He gets it. He wasn’t able to satisfy her like as a man. Is it any wonder she’s been ignoring his texts and his calls go directly to voice mail?? Yeah, she’s probably getting a new phone number as we speak, lol.

Hot women fuck guys with big dicks. Hot women marry guys with little dicks so they can date and fuck guys with big dicks. Sorry but that’s just the reality of the situation.

But really, in my world your cock- and your cock size- is totally irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you’re two inches and skinny as a pencil or if you’re eight inches and thick. The only way your cock could ever please and impress me is by either suffering and or being locked up in a chastity tube for an extended length of time. You already know that, don’t you??

But just in case you need a reality check, let me leave you with a video that sums it up perfectly.

“Eenie Weenie, Teeny Weenie, Shriveled Little Short Dick Man” LMFAO!!

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