Earn My Ownership

Earn My OwnershipIn the BDSM world, too often subbies are quick to bellow out, “Please own me!” And all too often the Domme quickly answers, “Yes” and takes immediate “ownership” of him without a second thought. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a little fucked up and disingenuous. It’s the furthest thing from true ownership- nothing more than a passing fancy.

Real ownership and control is a process, not an event. It involves adherence to strict protocol, demonstrated obedience, and consistency over time. Careful selection of the submissive is required to ensure a proper fit and alignment with the Domme’s interests. Her needs. Her desires. Time is required to break the applicant, to mold him, and to tweak his mannerism and behaviors accordingly. To be truly owned, a submissive must surrender himself- mentally, emotionally, and physically- to the ownership process.

In short ownership must be earned. Many Dommes end up miserable and utterly dissatisfied with the lifestyle simply because they don’t take the time to properly select their submissives. Submissives need to be vetted. They need to be tested. They need to be treated harshly and broken down- that’s the only way they can be rebuilt into the image of their Owner, who is obviously superior in every way.

I personally seek submissives that are hungry- starving for my control. I seek those who will totally surrender themselves at my feet to be used and abused as I see fit. Ownership isn’t for every submissive, and that’s quite all right. There’s nothing wrong with casual sessions- just don’t mistake casual sessions for ownership.

So what about you?? Are you hungry for my control?? Are you ready to lay your naked body at my feet and obey?? Are you ready to broken or even shattered if need be?? Are you prepared to be a no limit fuck doll- a sticky cum rag to amuse me?? Are you ready to be a total pain slut for my sadistic desires?? Are you prepared to truly be owned??


I’ve put together this extended ownership assignment to accomplish that end. It covers five themes or areas of play that are most important to me. Each theme consists of a series of tasks, which you will complete as you work your way towards full ownership. After successful completion of each theme, you earn one letter of my name, which is bestowed upon you in my own special way, making my ownership absolute.

Bow before me, bitch. The path to ownership begins now!!

Sissy Whore Training

sissy-whore-trainingI want you to live a sissy lifestyle. I don’t just want you feminized when you’re feeling slutty- I want you to fully embrace being a sissy whore. I want you to perfect it and live it all the time. I’m gonna train you to be my sissy bitch 24/7. A sissy bitch is what you are, and it’s the lifestyle that you’re gonna live.

The assignment will train you to become a full-fledged sissy whore, dressing and acting sexy and slutty for Mistress like a good little panty sissy whore is supposed to. Take pride in your training and being my slutty sissy whore.

The assignment covers four parts.

Part 1: A list of habits and rules for my slutty sissy whore.
Part 2: Dealing with that hideous thing between your smooth sissy legs.
Part 3: Sissy lifestyle instructions- everything you need to know to live like a sissy bitch.
Part 4: Four sissy slut humiliation tasks to reinforce your training.

Come on you dirty sissy whore, get your panties and click the button to get slutty.

Ball Busting, Ruined Orgasms, and Cum Eating

Ball Busting Cum Eating SessionI could say that I’m going to bust your balls as punishment for things such as disobedience and numerous cum eating failures. I’d be perfectly justified because, after all, you are quite disobedient at times. And I know for a fact you don’t eat your cum after each and every orgasm.

But I’m not going to do that. Today, I’m gonna make you bust your balls and fuck up your orgasm simply because I want to- simply because I fucking can. Before we go any further, reach down and grab your balls. Squeeze them tightly, and repeat after me, “My balls belong to Mistress Sarah and it’s my obligation to punish them for her.”

In this edging session, I’m going to have some fun with those balls. It’s beautiful to humiliate yourself, surrender, and suffer in sweet agony for your Mistress- an honor you get today.

Topics include cock control, CBT games, ball busting, tease and denial, edging, multiple ruined orgasms, mind games. You’ll be made to eat your cum in such a way that allows you to savor the taste and humiliation long after you swallow!!

The session is broken down into four parts.

Part 1: Initial Torment
Part 2: The Stroking Begins
Part 3: Unraveling
Part 4: Edging, Orgasm Ruins, and Cum Eating

Strapon Training

Strapon AuditionI’m looking for a few sluts for strapon and anal training. Ultimately, Mistress is looking for a personal little fuck-whore or two to dominate with my big black strapon. You’ll be my fuck-slut on call- ready to be bent over and fucked hard whenever I feel the urge ride your ass.

Training is necessary. The last thing in the world I want is some lame, ass dead fuck who just lays there and doesn’t have a clue how to be a proper fuck for my “cock.” Being fucked by my strapon is a privilege, and if you ever want to feel the rhythmic beat of my strapon sliding in and out of your dirty little man pussy, you’re going- have to prove yourself to be “slut” enough for it.

This of this as an audition of sorts. It consists of five separate phases, in which you will perform and be evaluated.

Phase 1: Foreplay
Phase 2: Stuffed
Phase 3: Beg For It
Phase 4: Intercourse
Phase 5: Going All the Way

I hope you like it rough. I love pulling your hair and digging my nails into your ass while I thrust deep inside you. I expect you to be a complete submissive bitch for my strappy. You’ll moan in ecstasy and scream out my name as I fuck like the slutty little bitch you are.

Show me what an eager little fuck-whore you are, and have your finger in your man-pussy when you download this assignment.

Bed Beaver

Bitch Boy and The Bed BeaverDo you ever have the overwhelming urge to totally give up control??
Do you ever have the desire to completely surrender??
Do you ever desire to be treated like the worthless scum you truly are??

I certainly hope so, because I have the insatiable urge to take complete control and dish out relentless punishment and torment- not necessarily because you deserve it, but just because having power and control over you turns me on.

These Femdom instructions include topics and themes such as spanking, bondage, nipple torment, punishment, atonement, humiliation, fucking, cock control, cum instructions, etc.

Your naked body…My canvass!!
Your ego…Mine to stomp and destroy!!
Your humiliation…My satisfaction!!

Now take your clothes off, get on your knees, and present yourself to me- you worthless heap of fucking scum.

Chastity Assignment

The Chastity Trial Overall, my experience on NiteFlirt has been completely disappointing when it comes to chastity slaves. At least once a day, some moron emails me, wanting to have his cock caged in chastity and begging me to be his Keyholder. Half the time, I don’t even respond to these idiots anymore.

Too often the most stoic slave has been reduced to nothing more than a whiney bitch once his cock is locked down. What usually happens is I get an inbox full of emails begging me to allow them to remove the chastity device and cum. It’s irritating.

I love being a Keyholder, but chastity certainly isn’t for every subbie. Many subbies underestimate the commitment chastity requires. More importantly they fail to realize that being a Keyholder is a big commitment for Mistress- one that I take very seriously. I’m not going to waste my fucking time on undeserving chastity bitches anymore. Having your key dangle from my neck is a privilege- an honor granted to a very select few and on that you will earn.

That’s what this assignment is about- proving yourself worthy of being my chastity whore. You will be placed in a homemade chastity device and subjected to endless teasing, wicked humiliation, and repeated cock arousal drills to heighten your sexual frustration and ultimately strengthen your obedience. I want to see how you handle what I throw at you before moving on to full chastity.

It’ time to give up control of your most intimate activities and subject yourself to the strict control you’ve been craving.

Cock Enlargement and Modification

CBT Session, Enlarge and ModifyI’m always amazed at guys who send me photos of their cock. I’m not talking about the pindicks into sph, nor am I talking about photos of CBT predicaments. I’m referring to the guys with average size cocks sending me photos out of the clear blue. Like I’m supposed to be impressed with a cock photo- especially a cock of average size. Seriously, WTF??

Your cock doesn’t impress me in the least. To me, that particular part of the male anatomy is nothing more than a piece of clay. A trinket. A cheap crummy toy to play with or destroy depending on my mood.

Sometimes I like to taunt, ridicule, and make fun of your tiny, pathetic, nub of a cock. Other times, I like slapping it repeatedly or stomping it with my stilettos- sweet revenge for all the disappointment it’s caused other woman over the years.

But right now, I’m in the mood to experiment with it. I want your cock to be my lab-rat, so to speak. This session consists of two parts- enlargement and modification. I want to see if we can make your cock an inch or so longer. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?? But remember, even if we manage to enlarge it a couple inches, your cock will be no less pathetic and inadequate than it is right now.

Either Swallow It Or Suffer

Swallow Or SufferThere have been so many times when you’ve been excited as fuck to eat your cum, only to totally lose the resolve and desire after you orgasm. When you start stroking, you vow to be good cum slut for me. But after I allow you to cum, you try all sorts of shit to get out of it. How many times have you said, “Please Mistress, I’ll do anything to get out of eating my cum??”

You silly little slut. You know it’s your place to eat your cum. It’s appropriate for that sticky-icky cum to go in your mouth. I thought you came to terms with that reality a long time ago. My little slut swallows. Period. That cum goes in your mouth. End of story.

Usually there are no exceptions. Sometimes, though, I feel generous- or evil depending on how you look at- and am happy to give you the opportunity to get out of eating your cum. Of course, there’s a catch, you silly slut.

This humiliation assignment contains five individual tasks. After each task and orgasm, you’ll be faced with a predicament involving two options.

Option 1- Clean up your cum like a good whore is supposed to.
Option 2- Perform the punishment task.

So I either get to humiliate you by making you properly clean up your mess, or I get to punish you. Either way, it’s a win-win for me.