Trained to Suck Real Cock

Four Phases of Sucking CockI know you have dirty little fantasies that revolve around cock. Cock in your face. Cock in your mouth. Cock pressed against your face. Cock down your throat. Maybe even cock deep in your tight little ass. You dream of me coaching you to be a dick sucking whore.

Yeah, I know some of you might have sucked an actual cock before. But be honest, it’s not something you do on a steady basis, is it?? For many others, the desire and fantasy to suck dick for a cruel blonde Mistress has remained in the fantasy realm.

Until now.

I want you to be my cock sucker. I want you to suck cock to affirm your devotion and commitment to being a dirty slutty whore. I want you to be humiliated and throat gagged. This has been fantasy for far too long, bitch. Fuck yes- you’re gonna suck cock for me. Your filthy little cock sucking mouth will never lack for hot cock again.

I don’t want you to just suck one or two cocks. I’m talking 30 or more a month. Excessive cock sucking. How about 60 per month?? Is that something my cock whore can do?? Haha, 60 cocks fucking your mouth, and 60 loads glazing your face, lol. My little whore is going to have a steady stream of cock to suck.

But to be at that level of cock sucking, you must be trained in all areas or phases of sucking cock. Remember, we’re laying a foundation here for 60 cocks every month. That takes commitment and dedication. I have a feeling you’re totally up for it and are quite dedicated to dick, aren’t you, lol?? Master and practice each phase and your filthy little cum dump will never lack for cock or cum again.

I’m going to make you a greedy fucking cock sucker, and you’re going to thank me for it!!

Sissy Whore Training

sissy-whore-trainingI want you to live a sissy lifestyle. I don’t just want you feminized when you’re feeling slutty- I want you to fully embrace being a sissy whore. I want you to perfect it and live it all the time. I’m gonna train you to be my sissy bitch 24/7. A sissy bitch is what you are, and it’s the lifestyle that you’re gonna live.

The assignment will train you to become a full-fledged sissy whore, dressing and acting sexy and slutty for Mistress like a good little panty sissy whore is supposed to. Take pride in your training and being my slutty sissy whore.

The assignment covers four parts.

Part 1: A list of habits and rules for my slutty sissy whore.
Part 2: Dealing with that hideous thing between your smooth sissy legs.
Part 3: Sissy lifestyle instructions- everything you need to know to live like a sissy bitch.
Part 4: Four sissy slut humiliation tasks to reinforce your training.

Come on you dirty sissy whore, get your panties and click the button to get slutty.

Be My Cock Sucking Drone

Cock Sucking DroneSucking cock is a requirement for all my sluts- without exception. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dildo you suck at home- if it’s my hard, thick strapon you worship- or if it’s a real live cock you suck for my amusement and profit.

If you’re a lucky bitch, you’ll get to serve me in all cock sucking capacities.

But first things first. You have to earn it. I’m very particular about the way you suck dick. I insist that it done in a ritualistic manner, exactly as I instruct. I don’t care if you’re a regular cock-whore at the truck stop, you need to learn how to do it according to my specifications. Train to be my cock sucking drone.

You’re going to be a greedy cock worshiping drone. Embrace the cock sucking lifestyle. Whenever you get hard, I want it to be because you’re thinking about having your mouth stuffed with cock while Mistress looks on.

This assignment will train you to be a dick sucking drone. It contains an overview of cock sucking, a cock sucking mantra, techniques, and rituals- everything you need to become a legendary cock sucker for Mistress Sarah.

Don’t you dare disappoint me. If I let you suck my strapon, I want to be able to say that you suck it the best. If I send you out to suck cock, I want your name to ring out as the best little cock sucker at the glory hole and on the street corner. Is that understood, you dirty cock sucking dron??

Cum Drunk

Cum DrunkAs you sit there with your hand on your cock, you might be wondering what exactly Cum Drunk is. Well, let me explain it like this. It starts when you feel a little twitch of your cock. Then another. Then another. With each twitch, you begin feeling more submissive and slutty. It’s as if a wave of slutty submission is washing over you. The idea of jerking off and having to eat your cum sounds so fucking hot, doesn’t it??

The idea grows and consumes your thoughts. It overwhelms you and blurs your ability to think. You can’t concentrate on anything but hot sticky cum. You might try to ignore it and put it out of your mind. But there’s no way around it- you have to a dirty cum whore- you need that fucking cum. You’re so worked up and totally blurred by your need for cum. So you give in, realizing the only thing that matters is being a dirty sleazy cum eater for Mistress.

You have to have that cum, and you’ll clean it up any way I tell you, won’t you?? A cum drunk whore swallows so much cum they can’t see straight.

Assignment include six cum eating tasks from sessions with some of my favorite cum drunk bitches!!

How To Eat Your Own Cum

How To Eat Your Own CumHow to eat your own cum, each time every time for Mistress Sarah.

I get asked that question a lot. A lot of guys love the idea of being forced to eat their own cum. When you think about eating your cum, you get all worked up. The more you concentrate on it, the harder your cock gets. The problem arises after you cum and the urge to be a cum slut is gone.

You’ve probably been trying to figure out how to actually eat your own cum for the longest time. You probably vow to swallow it all, only to back out immediately after your sticky climax. Some say your inability to eat your own cum is a psychological thing. But the true reason behind it is the fact that you haven’t been properly trained to be a cum slut. But even if it just happens to be a psychological thing, I really don’t give a fuck- you’re still going to do. Eating your own cum is something a dirty slut is supposed to do for his Mistress. And that is what you’ll do for me.

I am going to train you to effectively eat your own cum using a five step training tutorial. Learning how to be a cum swallowing slut is a simple matter of mastering each step. It won’t be easy, but if you’re determined and practice diligently, you’ll grow to love the act of eating your own cum, every time- without fail.

Now be a good little bitch and master the art of self cum eating.