How To Eat Your Own Cum

How To Eat Your Own CumHow to eat your own cum, each time every time for Mistress Sarah.

I get asked that question a lot. A lot of guys love the idea of being forced to eat their own cum. When you think about eating your cum, you get all worked up. The more you concentrate on it, the harder your cock gets. The problem arises after you cum and the urge to be a cum slut is gone.

You’ve probably been trying to figure out how to actually eat your own cum for the longest time. You probably vow to swallow it all, only to back out immediately after your sticky climax. Some say your inability to eat your own cum is a psychological thing. But the true reason behind it is the fact that you haven’t been properly trained to be a cum slut. But even if it just happens to be a psychological thing, I really don’t give a fuck- you’re still going to do. Eating your own cum is something a dirty slut is supposed to do for his Mistress. And that is what you’ll do for me.

I am going to train you to effectively eat your own cum using a five step training tutorial. Learning how to be a cum swallowing slut is a simple matter of mastering each step. It won’t be easy, but if you’re determined and practice diligently, you’ll grow to love the act of eating your own cum, every time- without fail.

Now be a good little bitch and master the art of self cum eating.