Dirty Masturbation Tasks

Dirty Jerk Off Tasks“Why do I always have to humiliate myself, Mistress?” you ask. Because it’s amusing when you humiliate yourself. It’s entertaining to make you do slutty things. You’re weak and totally inferior. You’re a follower. You need a strong, powerful woman to take control of your cock and direct your masturbation activities. It’s natural for you to be powerless in my presence.

Besides that, male masturbation- which you do way to much, by the way- is a filthy habit. It’s only fitting that a filthy habit should be performed in a filthy, humiliating manner. Normal masturbation shall be a thing of the past for you, bitch boy. If you want to touch your cock, you must do it exactly as I instruct. Accept your inferior status and jerk in an undignified manner.

Dirty Masturbation contains five masturbation tasks: Maxi-Pad Bitch, 3AM Stroke Session, Sticky Pants, Bathroom Bitch, and Black Eyed Cum.

Stroke and cum as I instruct unless you want my hand print across your face, and an indentation of my stilettos on your worthless cock. Is that understood, hand humper??

Multi-Orgasmic Slut Training

Multi-Orgasmic Slut TrainingYou know how I like to call you a whore, spit in your face, and laugh my ass off at you?? Well, the other day I was thinking about many of the dirty, perverse things you do- like the way you get worked up in a slutty trance and lick up your cum in my honor. The depths to which your perversion sinks is quite impressive.

But, sadly, upon further reflection, it’s painfully obvious you haven’t yet reached your full “whore” potential. One of the things preventing you from reaching your full potential is your post-orgasm behavior and attitude.

What typically happens after you cum?? After almost every orgasm, the powerful, overwhelming desire to be a dirty slut drains from your mind faster than your disgusting mess drains from your balls. Then you spend a fucking eternity sitting there like a total moron toying with your soft cock trying to get hard for a second time.

I swear sometimes you’re so fucking pathetic. Anyone can be a dirty slut for the first orgasm- or up to the first orgasm. But a real whore?? A real whore can have orgasm after orgasm- nonstop- all night long. Until you can do the same thing, you’re not serving in your fullest capacity. I think that’s a little fucked up. In fact, I think you need an attitude adjustment, don’t you??

In many respects, you don’t understand what being a whore is all about. It’s not about your sexual pleasure. In fact any sexual pleasure or discomfort you might experience is irrelevant. Being a whore isn’t about sexual gratification, it’s about humiliation. It’s about experiencing what it’s like to be used and objectified. It’s about reducing you to nothing more than a sex object- a fuck-toy for your Mistress’ entertainment.

Think about a scenario where someone pays for a street strutting whore off the corner. It doesn’t matter if she thinks sucking cock repulsive. It doesn’t matter one bit if she enjoys anal sex or not. It doesn’t matter if she’s in the mood. If the client wants her to suck his cock, that what she’s going to do. If he wants to fuck her in the ass, she’s going to bend over, arch her back, and take it like a good girl. What she wants or enjoys doesn’t matter. Her purpose, just like yours, is to serve and entertain in whatever capacity instructed.

Like I said, you don’t yet know what it is to be sexually used and made to perform as a whore, but in this session I’m certainly going to show you. You’re going to learn what it means to be exploited, objectified, and made to serve as a real whore should- in any manner Mistress commands- regardless if you’re in the mood or if your pathetic drippy stick is hard or not.

Sometimes referred to as revenge masturbation or nonstop masturbation, multi-orgasmic slut training is much more than a stroke-a-thon. It’s about training you to be a multi-orgasmic cum whore, having orgasm after orgasm- not for your pleasure, bitch- for my pleasure and amusement. I’m going teach you what it means to be used as a sex object- fucked in all your holes, humiliated, spat upon, slapped. You’re going to experience some of my torments. Expect to left an exhausted, whimpering slut basking in the bright after glow of being used and sexually broken.

For the next hour or so, I want you to block out your selfish inappropriate desire for pleasure and gratification. The only thing that matters is what I want. It’s all about me, bitch. So be a good whore- shut the fuck up- and do exactly as you’re told.

Hand Humping Humiliation Assignment

Hand Humping HumiliationYou’re such a perverted hand humping slut, aren’t you?? So perverted and deviant, in fact, that plain old jerking off is no longer enough for you. You’ve been desensitized by your constant and chronic masturbation. You’re so fucked up, you don’t get off all the way unless you’re being slutty and dirty. To cum hard, you need to be humiliated and embarrassed for the deviant bitch you are.

Beside that, you’re a sexual weakling- a little twerp that needs control. A follower like you needs to have his pathetic cock controlled. No more stroking. No more orgasm unless you carry out my humiliation instructions. Is that understood??

How much will you humiliate yourself to cum??
What will you do to be able to touch and fondle your wet little dingy??

I want you to bring your A Game- hand humper- and amuse me with your humiliation and foolishness. Make me smile with your obedience and humiliation.

Hand Humping Humiliation features five separate humiliating masturbation tasks. Your next five orgasms are mine, bitch boy!!

Swallow Like A Porn Star

Swallow Like A Porn StarI’m sure you’ve seen a porn where the actress absolutely thrives on being a cum slut. She loves cum and revels in getting a sticky cum facial after getting fucked hard. I know you get off on bukkake movies where the porn star takes load after load until she is plastered and glazed with so much cum that it’s dripping off her face, down her body, and into a bowl. The more cum she gets, the more she fucking loves it.

You totally identify with her, don’t you?? Yeah, you might not want fifty guys masturbating on your face, but there’s something about having your face drenched with cum that drives you absolutely wild. You so want to be objectified and made to kneel in the center of a room- head tilted back, ready to be used like the filthy cum dump you are.

And since you want it so bad, that’s exactly what my little cum dump is going to get.

I’m going to unleash the bukkake porn slut in you and turn you into a cum loving whore-bag. Prepare to be objectified and bask in a bowl of your own cum.

This self bukkake assignment spans several days and is intended to train you to be a self-bukkake cum whore. You know how happy it makes me when your mouth overflows with cum. And you always want to make Mistress happy, don’t you??

One Thousand Wanks of Worship

1000 Wanks Of WorshipEvery time you stroke your cock it’s for me. Do you understand that?? All of your wanks and orgasms for me, and none for your hag of a wife or tramp of a girlfriend. I expect to be worshiped daily with your endless wanking. Every time I let you cum, it’s your job to honor Mistress by cleaning up your mess like a good little slut. You know where that cum is supposed to go, don’t you??

Since you’re such a subservient slut, I want you to be a good bitch and give Mistress one-thousand strokes of your cock- one-thousand wanks of worship for your flawless Femdom Owner. That sounds like such fun to a hand humping, jerk off junkie like yourself, doesn’t it??

Deep down you know there is absolutely no point in jerking off if you’re not made to eat your cum afterwards- that’s the best part for both of us. You get to honor me by being a cum slurping slut exactly as I instruct. And I get the satisfaction of knowing that I thoroughly humiliated you once again making your mouth rich with cum.

This assignment includes the following cum eating tasks- 1-K, Gooey Toes, The Tilt, Crunch-Crunch, and Cum Dump.

Strip and present yourself. Amuse me. Show me what a dirty cum sponge you are, lol.

The Ultimate Orgasm Challenge

The Ultimate Orgasm ChallengeI get lots of emails for my stroking subbies telling me how much better they get off when they’re being dirty and slutty for Mistress. I like my subbies to cum hard when they serve their Mistress. I love it when you make a huge worship puddle of cum for me- so much more for you to clean up.

So I got to thinking the other day- just how much can you cum?? How big of an orgasm can you have in one jerk off session?? I’m thinking that with enough teasing, denial, edging, and humiliation, you can explode and squirt like a fucking fire hose.

I want my stroking subbie to have an endless orgasm, so I decided to put this assignment and training session together. It spans a total of three days. Each day you get specific cock handling instructions and tasks to be performed at various times throughout the day.

The ultimate orgasm starts in the mind, so we begin with a mental conditioning exercise, followed by orgasm tips and suggestions. Then, you’re instructed exactly how to handle and stimulate your cock over the three day period, using a combination of tease and denial, humiliation tasks, edging, obedience, and servitude.

I hope you’re “slut” enough to successfully complete the Ultimate Orgasm Challenge. At the end, if you haven’t achieved the ultimate orgasm- as defined by Mistress- you’ll face punishment for failing me.

Cum Drunk

Cum DrunkAs you sit there with your hand on your cock, you might be wondering what exactly Cum Drunk is. Well, let me explain it like this. It starts when you feel a little twitch of your cock. Then another. Then another. With each twitch, you begin feeling more submissive and slutty. It’s as if a wave of slutty submission is washing over you. The idea of jerking off and having to eat your cum sounds so fucking hot, doesn’t it??

The idea grows and consumes your thoughts. It overwhelms you and blurs your ability to think. You can’t concentrate on anything but hot sticky cum. You might try to ignore it and put it out of your mind. But there’s no way around it- you have to a dirty cum whore- you need that fucking cum. You’re so worked up and totally blurred by your need for cum. So you give in, realizing the only thing that matters is being a dirty sleazy cum eater for Mistress.

You have to have that cum, and you’ll clean it up any way I tell you, won’t you?? A cum drunk whore swallows so much cum they can’t see straight.

Assignment include six cum eating tasks from sessions with some of my favorite cum drunk bitches!!

Ruined Orgasm Assignment

Ruined Orgasm AssignmentI know it’s cliché to say, but it’s a fact that you don’t deserve to experience the pleasure of an orgasm. Deep down you know that, don’t you?? That’s right. So read it out loud and don’t forget it, “I don’t deserve to cum, Mistress Sarah.”

If you’re constantly thinking about cumming, your priorities are misguided to say the least. See, it’s not about you. It’s not about your pleasure. It’s not about your orgasm. It’s about me. It’s about bring obedient and subservient to me. It’s about forfeiting your sexual pleasure for my amusement.

Your orgasm is fucking pathetic and inappropriate anyway. Why would I allow you to have one??

I love dangling the prospect of an orgasm in front of your face and yanking it away at the last minute. I like you in a suspended state of being sexual drained, yet unsatisfied. It’s your place to be sexually frustrated- to see your cock shrivel up, despite still feeling slutty. I love encouraging you to wank your dirty dick, and forcing you to ruin it for me.

Today, we’re going to take a huge step in getting your priorities straight. That’s why I created this Ruined Orgasm masturbation assignment. You will stroke and perform exactly as instructed, is that understood, Mr. Limpy??

Chastity Assignment

The Chastity Trial Overall, my experience on NiteFlirt has been completely disappointing when it comes to chastity slaves. At least once a day, some moron emails me, wanting to have his cock caged in chastity and begging me to be his Keyholder. Half the time, I don’t even respond to these idiots anymore.

Too often the most stoic slave has been reduced to nothing more than a whiney bitch once his cock is locked down. What usually happens is I get an inbox full of emails begging me to allow them to remove the chastity device and cum. It’s irritating.

I love being a Keyholder, but chastity certainly isn’t for every subbie. Many subbies underestimate the commitment chastity requires. More importantly they fail to realize that being a Keyholder is a big commitment for Mistress- one that I take very seriously. I’m not going to waste my fucking time on undeserving chastity bitches anymore. Having your key dangle from my neck is a privilege- an honor granted to a very select few and on that you will earn.

That’s what this assignment is about- proving yourself worthy of being my chastity whore. You will be placed in a homemade chastity device and subjected to endless teasing, wicked humiliation, and repeated cock arousal drills to heighten your sexual frustration and ultimately strengthen your obedience. I want to see how you handle what I throw at you before moving on to full chastity.

It’ time to give up control of your most intimate activities and subject yourself to the strict control you’ve been craving.

Cock Enlargement and Modification

CBT Session, Enlarge and ModifyI’m always amazed at guys who send me photos of their cock. I’m not talking about the pindicks into sph, nor am I talking about photos of CBT predicaments. I’m referring to the guys with average size cocks sending me photos out of the clear blue. Like I’m supposed to be impressed with a cock photo- especially a cock of average size. Seriously, WTF??

Your cock doesn’t impress me in the least. To me, that particular part of the male anatomy is nothing more than a piece of clay. A trinket. A cheap crummy toy to play with or destroy depending on my mood.

Sometimes I like to taunt, ridicule, and make fun of your tiny, pathetic, nub of a cock. Other times, I like slapping it repeatedly or stomping it with my stilettos- sweet revenge for all the disappointment it’s caused other woman over the years.

But right now, I’m in the mood to experiment with it. I want your cock to be my lab-rat, so to speak. This session consists of two parts- enlargement and modification. I want to see if we can make your cock an inch or so longer. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?? But remember, even if we manage to enlarge it a couple inches, your cock will be no less pathetic and inadequate than it is right now.