Ball Busting, Ruined Orgasms, and Cum Eating

Ball Busting Cum Eating SessionI could say that I’m going to bust your balls as punishment for things such as disobedience and numerous cum eating failures. I’d be perfectly justified because, after all, you are quite disobedient at times. And I know for a fact you don’t eat your cum after each and every orgasm.

But I’m not going to do that. Today, I’m gonna make you bust your balls and fuck up your orgasm simply because I want to- simply because I fucking can. Before we go any further, reach down and grab your balls. Squeeze them tightly, and repeat after me, “My balls belong to Mistress Sarah and it’s my obligation to punish them for her.”

In this edging session, I’m going to have some fun with those balls. It’s beautiful to humiliate yourself, surrender, and suffer in sweet agony for your Mistress- an honor you get today.

Topics include cock control, CBT games, ball busting, tease and denial, edging, multiple ruined orgasms, mind games. You’ll be made to eat your cum in such a way that allows you to savor the taste and humiliation long after you swallow!!

The session is broken down into four parts.

Part 1: Initial Torment
Part 2: The Stroking Begins
Part 3: Unraveling
Part 4: Edging, Orgasm Ruins, and Cum Eating

Strapon Training

Strapon AuditionI’m looking for a few sluts for strapon and anal training. Ultimately, Mistress is looking for a personal little fuck-whore or two to dominate with my big black strapon. You’ll be my fuck-slut on call- ready to be bent over and fucked hard whenever I feel the urge ride your ass.

Training is necessary. The last thing in the world I want is some lame, ass dead fuck who just lays there and doesn’t have a clue how to be a proper fuck for my “cock.” Being fucked by my strapon is a privilege, and if you ever want to feel the rhythmic beat of my strapon sliding in and out of your dirty little man pussy, you’re going- have to prove yourself to be “slut” enough for it.

This of this as an audition of sorts. It consists of five separate phases, in which you will perform and be evaluated.

Phase 1: Foreplay
Phase 2: Stuffed
Phase 3: Beg For It
Phase 4: Intercourse
Phase 5: Going All the Way

I hope you like it rough. I love pulling your hair and digging my nails into your ass while I thrust deep inside you. I expect you to be a complete submissive bitch for my strappy. You’ll moan in ecstasy and scream out my name as I fuck like the slutty little bitch you are.

Show me what an eager little fuck-whore you are, and have your finger in your man-pussy when you download this assignment.

Super Orgasm Game

Super Orgasm Cum Eating GameIt’s so funny how men always pride themselves on their ability to ejaculate. The stupid sounds they made are so fucking hilarious. It’s like their one moment to truly shine as they shoot that repulsive, disgusting mess all over the place. But the reality of the situation is much different.

You need to realize that when you ejaculate, it’s not a shining moment of pride, but rather more proof of how useless and pathetic you are. Your icky ejaculation is just another inferiority in a very long list.

Let me explain, if you were as good as a woman, you’d be able to gush and squirt when you orgasm, rather than the few puny drops your cock manages to expel. Not only that, but you’d be able to cum over and over again, without having to wait a fucking eternity between orgasms while your shriveled up dick shows any sign of life.

Even though your orgasm will never be as good as a female’s, I still like your dingy to squirt as much as possible, only to laugh my ass off at your failed attempts. I do like you to have as big an orgasm as possible so you have more of mess to clean up. No more wimpy loads for my greedy cum whore.

The Super Orgasm Game is a cum eating game featuring extended stroking, total cock control, tease and denial, and lots of humiliation. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be allowed to have your pathetic orgasm and you’ll be made to swallow every drop of that dreadful ejaculation.

The Cum Monger Assignment

The Cum Monger AssignmentIf you’re like many of my bitches, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for the privilege of eating your own spunk for me. It’s such an obsession, isn’t it?? You’re probably the same way, aren’t you?? Admit it- you want to eat your cum for me. Don’t deny it. The reality is, you don’t truly get off if you’re not made to eat every drop of your pearly white mess.

For you, the best part of masturbation is the post orgasm humiliation- when I snap my fingers, point to your spermy puddle, and order you to clean it up. I don’t even have to say anything, do I?? All I have to do is give you the look, and you’re on your knees cleaning it up like a cum sponge.

Still not convinced you’re a cum mongering slut??

Well do you feel euphoric after eating your cum??
Do you feel a sense of slutty pride knowing you ate your own cum for me??

If you answered yes, then you are indeed a slutty cum monger- just like my other bitches, lol.

The more embarrassing and humiliating I make your masturbation and cum eating, the more you fucking love it. So come on. I want you to put on a dirty slutty cum eating show for me. Entertain me, bitch.

Show Mistress how a true cum mongering slut does it.

One Thousand Wanks of Worship

1000 Wanks Of WorshipEvery time you stroke your cock it’s for me. Do you understand that?? All of your wanks and orgasms for me, and none for your hag of a wife or tramp of a girlfriend. I expect to be worshiped daily with your endless wanking. Every time I let you cum, it’s your job to honor Mistress by cleaning up your mess like a good little slut. You know where that cum is supposed to go, don’t you??

Since you’re such a subservient slut, I want you to be a good bitch and give Mistress one-thousand strokes of your cock- one-thousand wanks of worship for your flawless Femdom Owner. That sounds like such fun to a hand humping, jerk off junkie like yourself, doesn’t it??

Deep down you know there is absolutely no point in jerking off if you’re not made to eat your cum afterwards- that’s the best part for both of us. You get to honor me by being a cum slurping slut exactly as I instruct. And I get the satisfaction of knowing that I thoroughly humiliated you once again making your mouth rich with cum.

This assignment includes the following cum eating tasks- 1-K, Gooey Toes, The Tilt, Crunch-Crunch, and Cum Dump.

Strip and present yourself. Amuse me. Show me what a dirty cum sponge you are, lol.

Bed Beaver

Bitch Boy and The Bed BeaverDo you ever have the overwhelming urge to totally give up control??
Do you ever have the desire to completely surrender??
Do you ever desire to be treated like the worthless scum you truly are??

I certainly hope so, because I have the insatiable urge to take complete control and dish out relentless punishment and torment- not necessarily because you deserve it, but just because having power and control over you turns me on.

These Femdom instructions include topics and themes such as spanking, bondage, nipple torment, punishment, atonement, humiliation, fucking, cock control, cum instructions, etc.

Your naked body…My canvass!!
Your ego…Mine to stomp and destroy!!
Your humiliation…My satisfaction!!

Now take your clothes off, get on your knees, and present yourself to me- you worthless heap of fucking scum.

Be My Cock Sucking Drone

Cock Sucking DroneSucking cock is a requirement for all my sluts- without exception. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dildo you suck at home- if it’s my hard, thick strapon you worship- or if it’s a real live cock you suck for my amusement and profit.

If you’re a lucky bitch, you’ll get to serve me in all cock sucking capacities.

But first things first. You have to earn it. I’m very particular about the way you suck dick. I insist that it done in a ritualistic manner, exactly as I instruct. I don’t care if you’re a regular cock-whore at the truck stop, you need to learn how to do it according to my specifications. Train to be my cock sucking drone.

You’re going to be a greedy cock worshiping drone. Embrace the cock sucking lifestyle. Whenever you get hard, I want it to be because you’re thinking about having your mouth stuffed with cock while Mistress looks on.

This assignment will train you to be a dick sucking drone. It contains an overview of cock sucking, a cock sucking mantra, techniques, and rituals- everything you need to become a legendary cock sucker for Mistress Sarah.

Don’t you dare disappoint me. If I let you suck my strapon, I want to be able to say that you suck it the best. If I send you out to suck cock, I want your name to ring out as the best little cock sucker at the glory hole and on the street corner. Is that understood, you dirty cock sucking dron??

Random Cum Slut Whore Humiliation

Random Cum Eating AssignmentYes, I enjoy humiliating you for being a cum slut bitch whore. It’s super fun to fuck with you and humiliate you, especially after you’ve been allowed to orgasm. I love pouncing when your sexual arousal is at its lowest.

Devising ways to humiliate you and make you a dirty cum whore is my artistic and creative outlet. I enjoy sitting back, thinking of unique ways to dominate my bitch boys.

I know you want to get slutty for me. So tell me how much you want to be my cum slut bitch whore today. Out loud, bitch. I want to hear you. Beg to be my dirty. bitch. Say, “Mistress Sarah, I want to be your filthy cum slut bitch whore.”

Well, being the giving and generous Mistress I am, I’m inclined to allow you the opportunity to amuse me with your slutty ways.

This cum slut humiliation session begins with a lengthy discussion on the subject of being a proper cum slut. We discuss your inability to follow through with many of your cum slut tasks. I’m going to address the unacceptable behavior. Because I want you to realize your cum slut aspirations, Mistress is going to give you some practical advice on the matter, so listen up. Failure to eat your cum will no longer be tolerated. Lastly, I present four unique humiliation tasks, so you can practice being a good cum slut bitch whore.

Cum Drunk

Cum DrunkAs you sit there with your hand on your cock, you might be wondering what exactly Cum Drunk is. Well, let me explain it like this. It starts when you feel a little twitch of your cock. Then another. Then another. With each twitch, you begin feeling more submissive and slutty. It’s as if a wave of slutty submission is washing over you. The idea of jerking off and having to eat your cum sounds so fucking hot, doesn’t it??

The idea grows and consumes your thoughts. It overwhelms you and blurs your ability to think. You can’t concentrate on anything but hot sticky cum. You might try to ignore it and put it out of your mind. But there’s no way around it- you have to a dirty cum whore- you need that fucking cum. You’re so worked up and totally blurred by your need for cum. So you give in, realizing the only thing that matters is being a dirty sleazy cum eater for Mistress.

You have to have that cum, and you’ll clean it up any way I tell you, won’t you?? A cum drunk whore swallows so much cum they can’t see straight.

Assignment include six cum eating tasks from sessions with some of my favorite cum drunk bitches!!

Ruined Orgasm Assignment

Ruined Orgasm AssignmentI know it’s cliché to say, but it’s a fact that you don’t deserve to experience the pleasure of an orgasm. Deep down you know that, don’t you?? That’s right. So read it out loud and don’t forget it, “I don’t deserve to cum, Mistress Sarah.”

If you’re constantly thinking about cumming, your priorities are misguided to say the least. See, it’s not about you. It’s not about your pleasure. It’s not about your orgasm. It’s about me. It’s about bring obedient and subservient to me. It’s about forfeiting your sexual pleasure for my amusement.

Your orgasm is fucking pathetic and inappropriate anyway. Why would I allow you to have one??

I love dangling the prospect of an orgasm in front of your face and yanking it away at the last minute. I like you in a suspended state of being sexual drained, yet unsatisfied. It’s your place to be sexually frustrated- to see your cock shrivel up, despite still feeling slutty. I love encouraging you to wank your dirty dick, and forcing you to ruin it for me.

Today, we’re going to take a huge step in getting your priorities straight. That’s why I created this Ruined Orgasm masturbation assignment. You will stroke and perform exactly as instructed, is that understood, Mr. Limpy??