Three Blow Jobs In Eight Years

I thought I’d share how I’ve been turning the wife of one of my bitches into a cum eating slut. It’s funny as fuck.

About three months ago, this little slut named, Pete, who has been my filthy load lapper on many occasions, confessed that his ugly, prude hag-of-a-wife has only sucked his cock three times in the entire eight years they’ve been together. What’s more, she’s never even tasted his cum in her mouth.

Not that I blame her one bit for not wanting to suck his filthy dingy of a cock. There’s a difference between not sucking cock because you’re a sexually repressed bitch or not sucking cock because you’re a badass bitch who is totally superior to anything even remotely resembling a penis. Pete’s wife is certainly no badass bitch, so it’s her duty to eat cum and suck cock. And eat cum she definitely will.

Seriously, can you imagine being married for eight years and only getting three blow jobs from your wife in all that time?? On second thought, I’m sure you probably don’t have to imagine it because you’re living it. Haha, I bet some of you haven’t even had one blow job in the last eight years, let alone three.

I enjoy mocking Pete’s joke of a marriage. It’s such a farce and I love degrading it. Haha, just look at his wedding ring stuck in that puddle of cum.

Not only do I make him pay to fuck his the wifey, he is also required to cum as quickly as possible. I want her to have absolutely no sexual pleasure from the experience. Zero satisfaction for my sexually repressed slut.

She might not knowingly swallow his cum yet, but she’s getting it in other ways. Per my instructions, Pete was required to ejaculate his load in a syringe and squirt it all over her food. This time she got his load all over her leftover pizza 🙂

Of course, my little whore, Pete, was jealous that his wife got to eat cum and he didn’t. I don’t want to deprive my slut, so he’s definitely getting the load. Maybe I’ll made them share it, lol.

Wife Humiliation

Wife HumiliationLet’s bring your wife into our little slut game.

I’m going to take control. I’m going to manipulate your marriage and sex life. I’m going to have you humiliate your wife at my direction. I’m going to ruin the sanctity of your marriage.

The way I see it your wife should be punished for marrying a fuck-tard like you in the first place. She is going to get humiliated for her marriage mistake. And let’s face it, she is a flat out pain in the ass sometimes. She nags you. She denies you sexual interaction. Not that I blame her in that regard, but that’s besides the point. I know a part of you is going to enjoy this tremendously. Your wife is my new whore and you’re going to help me break her in. But best of all, you get to be a little whore right along side your wifey. You will perform rituals to enforce, not only your place, but also your wife’s place in the marriage as well.

You want the perfect marriage, but you fall oh so short. That’s actually a huge understatement. Your marriage is a total sham. For the most part, your wife is a prude. She’s totally vanilla. Does she even refer to your cock as a cock, lol?? She would never understand your desire to be a dirty slut. That’s why you’d rather stroke to my photos and words than have actual sex with your wife.

Just think, when it’s all said and done, you and your wifey will have something in common- you can both say that you’re Mistress Sarah’s whore.

So do you have the balls to go through with it and humiliate that bitch like she deserves??

I know some of you might be single. But I’m sure you want to get married or at least get a girlfriend someday, pathetic as that is. It’s never too early to learn what I have in store for your future relationship.

Remember, it’s only logical that I extend my control to ALL aspects of your life and that includes your marriage.

Ball Busting, Ruined Orgasms, and Cum Eating

Ball Busting Cum Eating SessionI could say that I’m going to bust your balls as punishment for things such as disobedience and numerous cum eating failures. I’d be perfectly justified because, after all, you are quite disobedient at times. And I know for a fact you don’t eat your cum after each and every orgasm.

But I’m not going to do that. Today, I’m gonna make you bust your balls and fuck up your orgasm simply because I want to- simply because I fucking can. Before we go any further, reach down and grab your balls. Squeeze them tightly, and repeat after me, “My balls belong to Mistress Sarah and it’s my obligation to punish them for her.”

In this edging session, I’m going to have some fun with those balls. It’s beautiful to humiliate yourself, surrender, and suffer in sweet agony for your Mistress- an honor you get today.

Topics include cock control, CBT games, ball busting, tease and denial, edging, multiple ruined orgasms, mind games. You’ll be made to eat your cum in such a way that allows you to savor the taste and humiliation long after you swallow!!

The session is broken down into four parts.

Part 1: Initial Torment
Part 2: The Stroking Begins
Part 3: Unraveling
Part 4: Edging, Orgasm Ruins, and Cum Eating

Super Orgasm Game

Super Orgasm Cum Eating GameIt’s so funny how men always pride themselves on their ability to ejaculate. The stupid sounds they made are so fucking hilarious. It’s like their one moment to truly shine as they shoot that repulsive, disgusting mess all over the place. But the reality of the situation is much different.

You need to realize that when you ejaculate, it’s not a shining moment of pride, but rather more proof of how useless and pathetic you are. Your icky ejaculation is just another inferiority in a very long list.

Let me explain, if you were as good as a woman, you’d be able to gush and squirt when you orgasm, rather than the few puny drops your cock manages to expel. Not only that, but you’d be able to cum over and over again, without having to wait a fucking eternity between orgasms while your shriveled up dick shows any sign of life.

Even though your orgasm will never be as good as a female’s, I still like your dingy to squirt as much as possible, only to laugh my ass off at your failed attempts. I do like you to have as big an orgasm as possible so you have more of mess to clean up. No more wimpy loads for my greedy cum whore.

The Super Orgasm Game is a cum eating game featuring extended stroking, total cock control, tease and denial, and lots of humiliation. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be allowed to have your pathetic orgasm and you’ll be made to swallow every drop of that dreadful ejaculation.

The Ultimate Orgasm Challenge

The Ultimate Orgasm ChallengeI get lots of emails for my stroking subbies telling me how much better they get off when they’re being dirty and slutty for Mistress. I like my subbies to cum hard when they serve their Mistress. I love it when you make a huge worship puddle of cum for me- so much more for you to clean up.

So I got to thinking the other day- just how much can you cum?? How big of an orgasm can you have in one jerk off session?? I’m thinking that with enough teasing, denial, edging, and humiliation, you can explode and squirt like a fucking fire hose.

I want my stroking subbie to have an endless orgasm, so I decided to put this assignment and training session together. It spans a total of three days. Each day you get specific cock handling instructions and tasks to be performed at various times throughout the day.

The ultimate orgasm starts in the mind, so we begin with a mental conditioning exercise, followed by orgasm tips and suggestions. Then, you’re instructed exactly how to handle and stimulate your cock over the three day period, using a combination of tease and denial, humiliation tasks, edging, obedience, and servitude.

I hope you’re “slut” enough to successfully complete the Ultimate Orgasm Challenge. At the end, if you haven’t achieved the ultimate orgasm- as defined by Mistress- you’ll face punishment for failing me.