The Evolution Of A Cum Slut

Many submissive sluts come to me ready, and oh so eager, to wrap their moist lips around a cock and suck it for your Mistress. For others it takes time to develop the desire to suck cock for me. Either way, sucking cock as a form of entertainment and servitude is a natural progression- and one that I find most interesting. I want to tell you about the evolution of one of my dirty little sluts named Keith.

Before some jackass, fuck-tard writes to tell me that he will never suck cock, let me say that some will never have the desire to suck cock. And that’s quite alright. Generally speaking though, I find it fairly easy to train and desensitize my bitches to the point that they will indeed suck dick for Mistress- and fucking love it- even if they initially swear they would never do it.

Anyway, onto my little whore, Keith. Keith contacted me about a year and a half ago. At the time he had a huge cum eating fetish, endlessly fantasizing about swallowing his own cum. Like many, he tired on several occasions and failed miserably, always backing out like a pathetic bitch. But under my guidance and discipline, Keith began to flourish as a cum slut. It wasn’t long after I made him swallow his first load that he was swallowing and eating his sticky, nasty mess like a true cum whore.

As much as Keith enjoyed eating his own cum for me, he was adamant about never sucking cock and swallowing someone else’s cum. Personally, I love pushing boundaries, and find it wildly erotic and gratifying to coerce people into doing things they don’t exactly like doing- like sucking cock.

Deep down I knew that someone who is as big of slut as Keith would definitely suck cock for Mistress. Even though he denied it repeatedly, I could see right through him. He needed to suck cock, and I needed to make him do it!!

I began to tease and toy with Keith calling him a little cock sucker. I would order him to tell me that he was a filthy little cock whore. If he was allowed to masturbate, you would have to profess his love for sucking dick as he stroked. Keith loved sucking his dildo, so I had name it Jerome. I would have him tell me how much you love Jerome’s cock- how good it felt in his mouth- how much he craved Jerome’s cum. At my instruction, Keith was forced to watch gay porn on a daily basis.

I would mind fuck Keith over and over again, twisting his perverted mind until he couldn’t see or think straight- until the only thing he could see or think about was sucking cock. It wasn’t long before he was obsessed with it. He had to fucking have it. I made him beg and grovel for it, before allowing him to pursue a real cock to suck.

Keith is not a promiscuous slut, so it was a very involved process of finding an exclusive “partner” who he could suck on a regular basis. It was a pain staking process, involving lots of patience for someone as eager to suck cock as Keith was. But in the end it was all worth it. Keith has that one person in his life, who calls him twice a week and says, “get your ass over here and suck my cock, bitch.” Keith, the eager cock sucker he is, drops whatever he’s doing and sucks until that hot cum shoots down his throat or drenches his face.


In other news, I’ve been putting one of my sissy bitches, named Dani, through an exhaustive and relentless hazing ritual, which includes such things as sleep deprivation, attention drills, and removal of privileges. I fucking love breaking this sissy whore down to make her better. Do you want to be hazed by me??


I’ve also been working on a few pretty bad ass kinky things for me sluts including a new installment in my Heart To Heart Humiliation series, and a lifestyle training program I’m planning to call The Next Generation Cock Sucker. I’m putting the finishing touches on it and am so excited. Trust me, if you want to suck cock, this is for you!!

Oh and I almost forgot, I recently did an interview with NiteFlirt. It’s supposed to appear on their blog at some point, and I’ll be posting it here on my website as well.

Now, be a good little bitch and do something totally slutty today!!

Blackmail Games: “Deep Throat Daniel” Update

As many of you probably know, I’ve been teaching one of my blackmail bitches, Daniel Keiffer, a lesson for being a disobedient fuck-tard. A few weeks ago I posted both his and his wife’s personal email address on my blog. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Much has transpired since that I last posed. First of all, I want to thank my bitches who emailed Daniel and his wife. The response was overwhelming. Poor little fuck-up Daniel, reading all those emails telling him what a filthy cock-sucker he is, lol. Yay!! His wife officially knows he’s a filthy cock sucker.

So anyway, a couple days after posting his private contact info, I get several emails from Daniel. In the first few he was clearly pissed and very nervous that his personal contact info was posted online. At this point, I’m on the edge of my seat laughing my ass off because he actually thinks I give a fuck about the turmoil and friction all this caused with his wife. Um, yeah, if your wife gets a dozen emails from guys she doesn’t know, telling her that her husband sucks cock, it’s going to cause friction. That was the whole point of doing it.

I totally had a huge sense of satisfaction in posting this fuck-tard’s info. It was long before Daniel changed his tune. My little bitch lost the fucking attitude and began for my forgiveness. Begging for his info to be removed. Begging for a second chance. Begging to be my cock-sucking whore again. He even tried to smooth things over with a gift card.

Like most guys, Daniel is a skillful lair. Supposedly, he was able to convince his wife that all the emails she got was because his email account got hacked, lol. Even if she actually believes that obvious lie, the idea that her husband is a deviant dick boy is in her head. A part of her will always wonder if the emails are true. When he’s late coming home, a tiny part of her will wonder if he was out cheating on her with a cock in his mouth.

Daniel thinks he’s gotten some reprieve, but the truth of the matter is that he’s only getting in deeper- whether he likes it or not!! My claws are thoroughly sunk in and I’m not about to let go.

As part of me granting forgiveness, I required Daniel to submit some more incriminating evidence of his slutty behavior. I made him send me a photo of him wearing a pair of his wife’s dirty panties and holding a sign that reads: “I’m a dirty slut that loves sucking cock wearing my wife’s dirty panties”

Of course he didn’t want to send me the photo, but ultimately had no choice. If he fucks up or disappoints me, I’m going to post that photo on my blog and email it to his wife so she can see who her husband really is. Haha, I doubt it will get that far though, because now that Daniel knows my intentions, he’s scared shitless, lol.

Blackmail Games: Destroying “Deep Throat Daniel”

About six months ago, this little bitch- Daniel Keiffer- came to me wanting to be blackmailed. He submitted his info and began living the life of a slut under my direct control. He was very devoted and obedient. Well, about a week ago I get a one line email from him telling me that he’s done. He says he will no longer be blackmailed into being a slut again. He claims that he will never again suck cock for me.

I don’t know what kind of Domme he’s used to dealing with, but he’s more of fool than I thought if he thinks he’s going to break away that easily.

Breaking away isn’t that easy. First of all, I detest the snotty and shortness of his email- as if he’s dismissing me. As if he is in control of the situation. It’s not done until I say it’s done.  Second of all, Daniel and I have an agreement in place that clearly stipulates that if he wishes to terminate our written agreement, he must first obtain my permission. He must also be subjected to a termination fee. These are the stipulations he agreed to.

As you might have guessed, my payment request for the termination fee has gone unanswered for the past several days, so I assume this dumb ass isn’t going to respect this part of our agreement either.

I’m not about to let some stupid slut attempt to dictate terms to me. This little bitch needs to be taught a lesson. Obviously he’s forgotten his place. He’s forgotten that have photos of him sucking cock on his lunch break. He’s forgotten about all the other compromising photos I have of him being a nasty fuck-slut. I wonder how his wifey would like that photo of him deep throating her dildo?? I bet his coworkers would laugh their asses off seeing Deep Throat Daniel swallow cock, lol.

I know you’re reading this post, Daniel. So let me tell you- you are going to suck fucking cock for me again. Big black fucking cock. And you’re going to like it, bitch. You’re also going to comply with our original agreement and pay your termination fee. Because if you don’t, I will systematically destroy all aspects of your life.

Fuck you, you brought this all on yourself. You fucked with the wrong bitch!! Now you’re going to learn that I mean business. Consider this round one, Daniel. Continued disobedience will result in me releasing more of your personal information on my blog.

For me other subbies and sluts, let’s get the word out…below is some contact info for Daniel and his fat ass wife, Kathy. Send her an email or comment below. Tell Kathy all about how her husband, “Deep Throat Daniel,” loves sucking cock. Tell her how he’s a cock loving faggot who has sucked more dick in the last six months than she has in the lat 15 years of marriage.

UPDATE: Daniel displayed obedience and thus his email address, along with his wife’s email address have been removed!!

Trained to Suck Real Cock

Four Phases of Sucking CockI know you have dirty little fantasies that revolve around cock. Cock in your face. Cock in your mouth. Cock pressed against your face. Cock down your throat. Maybe even cock deep in your tight little ass. You dream of me coaching you to be a dick sucking whore.

Yeah, I know some of you might have sucked an actual cock before. But be honest, it’s not something you do on a steady basis, is it?? For many others, the desire and fantasy to suck dick for a cruel blonde Mistress has remained in the fantasy realm.

Until now.

I want you to be my cock sucker. I want you to suck cock to affirm your devotion and commitment to being a dirty slutty whore. I want you to be humiliated and throat gagged. This has been fantasy for far too long, bitch. Fuck yes- you’re gonna suck cock for me. Your filthy little cock sucking mouth will never lack for hot cock again.

I don’t want you to just suck one or two cocks. I’m talking 30 or more a month. Excessive cock sucking. How about 60 per month?? Is that something my cock whore can do?? Haha, 60 cocks fucking your mouth, and 60 loads glazing your face, lol. My little whore is going to have a steady stream of cock to suck.

But to be at that level of cock sucking, you must be trained in all areas or phases of sucking cock. Remember, we’re laying a foundation here for 60 cocks every month. That takes commitment and dedication. I have a feeling you’re totally up for it and are quite dedicated to dick, aren’t you, lol?? Master and practice each phase and your filthy little cum dump will never lack for cock or cum again.

I’m going to make you a greedy fucking cock sucker, and you’re going to thank me for it!!

Pimping You Out For Profit

Pimping You Out For ProfitSo many of my little bitches confess their desire to be pimped out- made to suck cock for my profit. They want to be paraded on the street corner, whored out at the local truck stop, or made to spend the weekend at the glory hole sucking cock after cock.

Well, I’ve heard your requests to become my “for profit” cock sucker, and I’ve decided to grant your wish. Just be careful what you wish for, bitches!!

This session is a blueprint for becoming a career cock sucker for Mistress. There’s a little more to being a “for profit” cock sucker than meets the eye. Where do you find cock to suck?? Where will my little whore service cock?? How do you interact with your clients?? How do you get them to pay for your sucking service?? Addressing these questions is what separates the wannabe cock sucker from the “for-profit” cock sucker.

I want you to be a successful cock sucker- the best cock sucker ever in fact. I want my bank account stuffed with the money you earn from being on your knees. You’re going be a good earner for Mistress, aren’t you??

Sucking cock will quickly become a second career for you if you to take it serious and build it from the ground up. Think of me as your partner. I’m here to advise you and lead you down the career cock sucking path. I’ll teach you how to build and service your clientele so you can make lots of money for me.

While you’re in the process of building your clientele, you’ll have practice techniques to perfect your skills so your customers are totally satisfied. Practice makes a perfect cock sucker.

Be My Cock Sucking Drone

Cock Sucking DroneSucking cock is a requirement for all my sluts- without exception. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dildo you suck at home- if it’s my hard, thick strapon you worship- or if it’s a real live cock you suck for my amusement and profit.

If you’re a lucky bitch, you’ll get to serve me in all cock sucking capacities.

But first things first. You have to earn it. I’m very particular about the way you suck dick. I insist that it done in a ritualistic manner, exactly as I instruct. I don’t care if you’re a regular cock-whore at the truck stop, you need to learn how to do it according to my specifications. Train to be my cock sucking drone.

You’re going to be a greedy cock worshiping drone. Embrace the cock sucking lifestyle. Whenever you get hard, I want it to be because you’re thinking about having your mouth stuffed with cock while Mistress looks on.

This assignment will train you to be a dick sucking drone. It contains an overview of cock sucking, a cock sucking mantra, techniques, and rituals- everything you need to become a legendary cock sucker for Mistress Sarah.

Don’t you dare disappoint me. If I let you suck my strapon, I want to be able to say that you suck it the best. If I send you out to suck cock, I want your name to ring out as the best little cock sucker at the glory hole and on the street corner. Is that understood, you dirty cock sucking dron??

Glory Hole Training

Glory Hole TrainingI’ve found that there are three types of glory hole cock sucking subbies. First, you have cock suckers that are ready, willing, and able. They have no qualms about spending hours at the glory hole, servicing the cocks of dozens of strangers for their Mistress. I love this type of glory hole slut.

The second type are those subbies who are more than willing to be a glory hole cock sucking slut, yet there simply aren’t any glory holes nearby where they live. Unfortunately, most of the time, these subbies have to wait until they go on vacation or go out of town on a business trip to fulfill their glory hole duties.

The last type of subbie is one who fantasizes endlessly about being on his knees, servicing big black cock, but has never actually done it before. For some of these types, strict training and dedication will help them realize their fantasy. But so many others are just to fucking pussy to actually follow through with it. Even if I dragged them to the glory hole on a collar and leash, they would still find a way out.

This training program is directed towards the second and third type of subbie. Even if you’re visiting the glory hole on your vacation of business trip, you’re not doing it frequently enough. And as with any skill, if you don’t practice it regularly, your performance suffers. Use it of lose it, bitch.

If you’re the shy and nervous type, this assignment will gradually desensitize and condition you realize your glory hole cock sucking fantasy. And lastly, if you’re just too much of pussy little bitch to visit a glory hole, this assignment will allow you to experience the slutty euphoria of stripping down, walking into a room, and devouring cock for Mistress.