Cum Glazed Panties

Cum Glazed PantiesOkay so one of my very best friends, Victoria, lives in this small apartment complex. It’s one of those apartments that has a small laundry room for the residents to use. Well anyway, she sometimes leaves the laundry room while her clothes are washing and drying and goes back to her apartment. She hates waiting there. Who could blame her for leaving her clothes unattended?? It’s boring as shit. But she sometimes naïve and doesn’t realize the world is full of disgusting, perverted guys- guys like you.

A few months ago while she was in her apartment, some perverted little dickhead stole a bunch of her panties from the dryer. He literally opened the dryer and grabbed a handful of her sexy, petite panties. He’s probably wearing them and soiling them with his cum at this very moment. Fucking moron!! I know all about how dirty some guys can be. I wasn’t shocked at all about what happened. In fact, I personally would have expected something like this and would never leave my precious panties unattended.

This is the sort of fucked up, perverted thing you would do, isn’t it?? I can totally see you lurking around a laundry room looking for some hottie’s panties to sniff and steal- fucking panty sniffing perv. Admit it, you’ve thought about it.

Since you’re a slutty panty perv who gets off on sniffing a woman’s panties, I’m going to give you your wish. Victoria never found out who stole her panties, so I’m going to make you pay the price for it. Because you would steal a dryer full of panties if you had the opportunity, I’m going to make you pay- with humiliation- for the moron that stole Victoria’s panties. It will be as if you were the perverted panty thief.

Your humiliation spans the course of several days in which you will be to sink to whole new level of perversion to rectify the situation of Victoria’s stolen panties.