A Cruel Reality Check For A Smart Ass Slut

The other day I was having an email session with one of my slutty boys, which took an unexpected turn. This particular little bitch loves sucking cock for me and he does it so well. You should see some of the photos he sends me.

Anyway, this session he just wanted to chat about vanilla sex and relationships. Apparently, he was out at a club and managed to actually hookup with a chick. Wow, I’m shocked and a tad impressed. I didn’t think he had it in him. It was obvious from the tone of his email the encounter gave his ego a much needed boost.

So suddenly he thinks he’s a player and starts boasting about how he can get any woman he wants, blah, blah, blah. I’m smiling and totally amused because I’ve seen him at his sluttiest many times. It wasn’t more than two weeks ago he was on his knees getting face fucked by a big black cock- complete with tears streaming down his face.

“The sex was great, Mistress Sarah. The only thing is that she stopped me a few times and asked if the condom she gave me was still on.”

Yikes!! That doesn’t sound good at all. But he’s unfazed and continues on. I don’t do make believe well, and after a while I had enough.

“Why do you suppose she kept asking if the condom was still on?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Mistress Sarah, probably just a coincidence or something,” he replied.

“Um no sweetie, she kept asking you that because she gave you an extra large condom, while your cock size is average at best, probably a little less than average. She thought it was slipping off,” I say, laughing out loud.

I can tell from his email that he doesn’t quite believe me about the slippage or about cock size. So I proceed to prove my point by asking him if he likes sucking big cock.

“Oh yes, absolutely Mistress Sarah, the bigger the better. You know that.”

“Then why do you think she’s any different? Don’t you think she likes a big, satisfying cock, just like you do?” I ask.

Haha, I can tell it’s finally sinking in. He gets it. He wasn’t able to satisfy her like as a man. Is it any wonder she’s been ignoring his texts and his calls go directly to voice mail?? Yeah, she’s probably getting a new phone number as we speak, lol.

Hot women fuck guys with big dicks. Hot women marry guys with little dicks so they can date and fuck guys with big dicks. Sorry but that’s just the reality of the situation.

But really, in my world your cock- and your cock size- is totally irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you’re two inches and skinny as a pencil or if you’re eight inches and thick. The only way your cock could ever please and impress me is by either suffering and or being locked up in a chastity tube for an extended length of time. You already know that, don’t you??

But just in case you need a reality check, let me leave you with a video that sums it up perfectly.

“Eenie Weenie, Teeny Weenie, Shriveled Little Short Dick Man” LMFAO!!

Dirty Masturbation Tasks

Dirty Jerk Off Tasks“Why do I always have to humiliate myself, Mistress?” you ask. Because it’s amusing when you humiliate yourself. It’s entertaining to make you do slutty things. You’re weak and totally inferior. You’re a follower. You need a strong, powerful woman to take control of your cock and direct your masturbation activities. It’s natural for you to be powerless in my presence.

Besides that, male masturbation- which you do way to much, by the way- is a filthy habit. It’s only fitting that a filthy habit should be performed in a filthy, humiliating manner. Normal masturbation shall be a thing of the past for you, bitch boy. If you want to touch your cock, you must do it exactly as I instruct. Accept your inferior status and jerk in an undignified manner.

Dirty Masturbation contains five masturbation tasks: Maxi-Pad Bitch, 3AM Stroke Session, Sticky Pants, Bathroom Bitch, and Black Eyed Cum.

Stroke and cum as I instruct unless you want my hand print across your face, and an indentation of my stilettos on your worthless cock. Is that understood, hand humper??

Earn My Ownership

Earn My OwnershipIn the BDSM world, too often subbies are quick to bellow out, “Please own me!” And all too often the Domme quickly answers, “Yes” and takes immediate “ownership” of him without a second thought. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a little fucked up and disingenuous. It’s the furthest thing from true ownership- nothing more than a passing fancy.

Real ownership and control is a process, not an event. It involves adherence to strict protocol, demonstrated obedience, and consistency over time. Careful selection of the submissive is required to ensure a proper fit and alignment with the Domme’s interests. Her needs. Her desires. Time is required to break the applicant, to mold him, and to tweak his mannerism and behaviors accordingly. To be truly owned, a submissive must surrender himself- mentally, emotionally, and physically- to the ownership process.

In short ownership must be earned. Many Dommes end up miserable and utterly dissatisfied with the lifestyle simply because they don’t take the time to properly select their submissives. Submissives need to be vetted. They need to be tested. They need to be treated harshly and broken down- that’s the only way they can be rebuilt into the image of their Owner, who is obviously superior in every way.

I personally seek submissives that are hungry- starving for my control. I seek those who will totally surrender themselves at my feet to be used and abused as I see fit. Ownership isn’t for every submissive, and that’s quite all right. There’s nothing wrong with casual sessions- just don’t mistake casual sessions for ownership.

So what about you?? Are you hungry for my control?? Are you ready to lay your naked body at my feet and obey?? Are you ready to broken or even shattered if need be?? Are you prepared to be a no limit fuck doll- a sticky cum rag to amuse me?? Are you ready to be a total pain slut for my sadistic desires?? Are you prepared to truly be owned??


I’ve put together this extended ownership assignment to accomplish that end. It covers five themes or areas of play that are most important to me. Each theme consists of a series of tasks, which you will complete as you work your way towards full ownership. After successful completion of each theme, you earn one letter of my name, which is bestowed upon you in my own special way, making my ownership absolute.

Bow before me, bitch. The path to ownership begins now!!

Pimping You Out For Profit

Pimping You Out For ProfitSo many of my little bitches confess their desire to be pimped out- made to suck cock for my profit. They want to be paraded on the street corner, whored out at the local truck stop, or made to spend the weekend at the glory hole sucking cock after cock.

Well, I’ve heard your requests to become my “for profit” cock sucker, and I’ve decided to grant your wish. Just be careful what you wish for, bitches!!

This session is a blueprint for becoming a career cock sucker for Mistress. There’s a little more to being a “for profit” cock sucker than meets the eye. Where do you find cock to suck?? Where will my little whore service cock?? How do you interact with your clients?? How do you get them to pay for your sucking service?? Addressing these questions is what separates the wannabe cock sucker from the “for-profit” cock sucker.

I want you to be a successful cock sucker- the best cock sucker ever in fact. I want my bank account stuffed with the money you earn from being on your knees. You’re going be a good earner for Mistress, aren’t you??

Sucking cock will quickly become a second career for you if you to take it serious and build it from the ground up. Think of me as your partner. I’m here to advise you and lead you down the career cock sucking path. I’ll teach you how to build and service your clientele so you can make lots of money for me.

While you’re in the process of building your clientele, you’ll have practice techniques to perfect your skills so your customers are totally satisfied. Practice makes a perfect cock sucker.

Strapon Training

Strapon AuditionI’m looking for a few sluts for strapon and anal training. Ultimately, Mistress is looking for a personal little fuck-whore or two to dominate with my big black strapon. You’ll be my fuck-slut on call- ready to be bent over and fucked hard whenever I feel the urge ride your ass.

Training is necessary. The last thing in the world I want is some lame, ass dead fuck who just lays there and doesn’t have a clue how to be a proper fuck for my “cock.” Being fucked by my strapon is a privilege, and if you ever want to feel the rhythmic beat of my strapon sliding in and out of your dirty little man pussy, you’re going- have to prove yourself to be “slut” enough for it.

This of this as an audition of sorts. It consists of five separate phases, in which you will perform and be evaluated.

Phase 1: Foreplay
Phase 2: Stuffed
Phase 3: Beg For It
Phase 4: Intercourse
Phase 5: Going All the Way

I hope you like it rough. I love pulling your hair and digging my nails into your ass while I thrust deep inside you. I expect you to be a complete submissive bitch for my strappy. You’ll moan in ecstasy and scream out my name as I fuck like the slutty little bitch you are.

Show me what an eager little fuck-whore you are, and have your finger in your man-pussy when you download this assignment.

The Cum Monger Assignment

The Cum Monger AssignmentIf you’re like many of my bitches, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for the privilege of eating your own spunk for me. It’s such an obsession, isn’t it?? You’re probably the same way, aren’t you?? Admit it- you want to eat your cum for me. Don’t deny it. The reality is, you don’t truly get off if you’re not made to eat every drop of your pearly white mess.

For you, the best part of masturbation is the post orgasm humiliation- when I snap my fingers, point to your spermy puddle, and order you to clean it up. I don’t even have to say anything, do I?? All I have to do is give you the look, and you’re on your knees cleaning it up like a cum sponge.

Still not convinced you’re a cum mongering slut??

Well do you feel euphoric after eating your cum??
Do you feel a sense of slutty pride knowing you ate your own cum for me??

If you answered yes, then you are indeed a slutty cum monger- just like my other bitches, lol.

The more embarrassing and humiliating I make your masturbation and cum eating, the more you fucking love it. So come on. I want you to put on a dirty slutty cum eating show for me. Entertain me, bitch.

Show Mistress how a true cum mongering slut does it.

Bed Beaver

Bitch Boy and The Bed BeaverDo you ever have the overwhelming urge to totally give up control??
Do you ever have the desire to completely surrender??
Do you ever desire to be treated like the worthless scum you truly are??

I certainly hope so, because I have the insatiable urge to take complete control and dish out relentless punishment and torment- not necessarily because you deserve it, but just because having power and control over you turns me on.

These Femdom instructions include topics and themes such as spanking, bondage, nipple torment, punishment, atonement, humiliation, fucking, cock control, cum instructions, etc.

Your naked body…My canvass!!
Your ego…Mine to stomp and destroy!!
Your humiliation…My satisfaction!!

Now take your clothes off, get on your knees, and present yourself to me- you worthless heap of fucking scum.

Random Cum Slut Whore Humiliation

Random Cum Eating AssignmentYes, I enjoy humiliating you for being a cum slut bitch whore. It’s super fun to fuck with you and humiliate you, especially after you’ve been allowed to orgasm. I love pouncing when your sexual arousal is at its lowest.

Devising ways to humiliate you and make you a dirty cum whore is my artistic and creative outlet. I enjoy sitting back, thinking of unique ways to dominate my bitch boys.

I know you want to get slutty for me. So tell me how much you want to be my cum slut bitch whore today. Out loud, bitch. I want to hear you. Beg to be my dirty. bitch. Say, “Mistress Sarah, I want to be your filthy cum slut bitch whore.”

Well, being the giving and generous Mistress I am, I’m inclined to allow you the opportunity to amuse me with your slutty ways.

This cum slut humiliation session begins with a lengthy discussion on the subject of being a proper cum slut. We discuss your inability to follow through with many of your cum slut tasks. I’m going to address the unacceptable behavior. Because I want you to realize your cum slut aspirations, Mistress is going to give you some practical advice on the matter, so listen up. Failure to eat your cum will no longer be tolerated. Lastly, I present four unique humiliation tasks, so you can practice being a good cum slut bitch whore.

Glory Hole Training

Glory Hole TrainingI’ve found that there are three types of glory hole cock sucking subbies. First, you have cock suckers that are ready, willing, and able. They have no qualms about spending hours at the glory hole, servicing the cocks of dozens of strangers for their Mistress. I love this type of glory hole slut.

The second type are those subbies who are more than willing to be a glory hole cock sucking slut, yet there simply aren’t any glory holes nearby where they live. Unfortunately, most of the time, these subbies have to wait until they go on vacation or go out of town on a business trip to fulfill their glory hole duties.

The last type of subbie is one who fantasizes endlessly about being on his knees, servicing big black cock, but has never actually done it before. For some of these types, strict training and dedication will help them realize their fantasy. But so many others are just to fucking pussy to actually follow through with it. Even if I dragged them to the glory hole on a collar and leash, they would still find a way out.

This training program is directed towards the second and third type of subbie. Even if you’re visiting the glory hole on your vacation of business trip, you’re not doing it frequently enough. And as with any skill, if you don’t practice it regularly, your performance suffers. Use it of lose it, bitch.

If you’re the shy and nervous type, this assignment will gradually desensitize and condition you realize your glory hole cock sucking fantasy. And lastly, if you’re just too much of pussy little bitch to visit a glory hole, this assignment will allow you to experience the slutty euphoria of stripping down, walking into a room, and devouring cock for Mistress.

How To Eat Your Own Cum

How To Eat Your Own CumHow to eat your own cum, each time every time for Mistress Sarah.

I get asked that question a lot. A lot of guys love the idea of being forced to eat their own cum. When you think about eating your cum, you get all worked up. The more you concentrate on it, the harder your cock gets. The problem arises after you cum and the urge to be a cum slut is gone.

You’ve probably been trying to figure out how to actually eat your own cum for the longest time. You probably vow to swallow it all, only to back out immediately after your sticky climax. Some say your inability to eat your own cum is a psychological thing. But the true reason behind it is the fact that you haven’t been properly trained to be a cum slut. But even if it just happens to be a psychological thing, I really don’t give a fuck- you’re still going to do. Eating your own cum is something a dirty slut is supposed to do for his Mistress. And that is what you’ll do for me.

I am going to train you to effectively eat your own cum using a five step training tutorial. Learning how to be a cum swallowing slut is a simple matter of mastering each step. It won’t be easy, but if you’re determined and practice diligently, you’ll grow to love the act of eating your own cum, every time- without fail.

Now be a good little bitch and master the art of self cum eating.