Three Blow Jobs In Eight Years

I thought I’d share how I’ve been turning the wife of one of my bitches into a cum eating slut. It’s funny as fuck.

About three months ago, this little slut named, Pete, who has been my filthy load lapper on many occasions, confessed that his ugly, prude hag-of-a-wife has only sucked his cock three times in the entire eight years they’ve been together. What’s more, she’s never even tasted his cum in her mouth.

Not that I blame her one bit for not wanting to suck his filthy dingy of a cock. There’s a difference between not sucking cock because you’re a sexually repressed bitch or not sucking cock because you’re a badass bitch who is totally superior to anything even remotely resembling a penis. Pete’s wife is certainly no badass bitch, so it’s her duty to eat cum and suck cock. And eat cum she definitely will.

Seriously, can you imagine being married for eight years and only getting three blow jobs from your wife in all that time?? On second thought, I’m sure you probably don’t have to imagine it because you’re living it. Haha, I bet some of you haven’t even had one blow job in the last eight years, let alone three.

I enjoy mocking Pete’s joke of a marriage. It’s such a farce and I love degrading it. Haha, just look at his wedding ring stuck in that puddle of cum.

Not only do I make him pay to fuck his the wifey, he is also required to cum as quickly as possible. I want her to have absolutely no sexual pleasure from the experience. Zero satisfaction for my sexually repressed slut.

She might not knowingly swallow his cum yet, but she’s getting it in other ways. Per my instructions, Pete was required to ejaculate his load in a syringe and squirt it all over her food. This time she got his load all over her leftover pizza 🙂

Of course, my little whore, Pete, was jealous that his wife got to eat cum and he didn’t. I don’t want to deprive my slut, so he’s definitely getting the load. Maybe I’ll made them share it, lol.

Can You Really Make Me Eat My Cum, Mistress??

Dear Mistress Sarah,

I saw your listings on NiteFlirt and you are so gorgeous. Can you really force me to eat my cum for you? I’ve tried it so many times but can’t bring myself to do it. I always lose the urge. Can you help me? Make me eat my cum for you, Mistress. Please force me to do it, Mistress.


I get a lot of emails from dirty little sluts, just like Jerry. They claim to wanna eat their cum so badly, yet they have a super long history of cum eating failures. They want me to literally force them to eat their cum.

Here’s the thing- short of holding a gun to your head- I cannot actually force you to eat your own cum. I can threaten and bully you into doing it. I can blackmail you into cum eating. I can seduce you into doing it. I can punish you for your cum eating failures. I can make you wanna eat it. But I simply cannot actually force you into being a load lapping slut.

Asking me if I can force you to eat your cum is like asking a personal trainer if he or she can force you to exercise. You have to want it. It’s the same thing with eating your cum- you have to want it. No, I mean really, really want it. You have to be willing and open to actually doing it. Are you ready to put aside your petty inhibitions and put forth the dedication required to eat your cum for me??

I want you to think of me as your cum eating trainer of sorts. I can teach you, train you, and mold you into a dirty little cum eater. When it comes to training you to eat your cum, I’m strict and demanding, but also patient with my aspiring cum eaters. In the end, I won’t accept anything less than total success.

It might not be natural to eat your cum, but it’s certainly something you’re going to learn how to do. In fact you’re going to master the art of eating your own cum. It’s only right that you swallow every single drop of cum for Mistress, isn’t it?? After all, that’s what dirty sluts do- they eat hot, sticky cum. And they fucking like it. And you- my dirty little slut- are no exception.

In other news, I recently put out an open invitation to my little cock sucking sluts. Well, I think I’ve found my cock-sucker. Yay!! Two in fact. One lives here in Denver. The other one lives out of state but visits often. Both are going to get their mouths used in my honor!!

Pimping You Out For Profit

Pimping You Out For ProfitSo many of my little bitches confess their desire to be pimped out- made to suck cock for my profit. They want to be paraded on the street corner, whored out at the local truck stop, or made to spend the weekend at the glory hole sucking cock after cock.

Well, I’ve heard your requests to become my “for profit” cock sucker, and I’ve decided to grant your wish. Just be careful what you wish for, bitches!!

This session is a blueprint for becoming a career cock sucker for Mistress. There’s a little more to being a “for profit” cock sucker than meets the eye. Where do you find cock to suck?? Where will my little whore service cock?? How do you interact with your clients?? How do you get them to pay for your sucking service?? Addressing these questions is what separates the wannabe cock sucker from the “for-profit” cock sucker.

I want you to be a successful cock sucker- the best cock sucker ever in fact. I want my bank account stuffed with the money you earn from being on your knees. You’re going be a good earner for Mistress, aren’t you??

Sucking cock will quickly become a second career for you if you to take it serious and build it from the ground up. Think of me as your partner. I’m here to advise you and lead you down the career cock sucking path. I’ll teach you how to build and service your clientele so you can make lots of money for me.

While you’re in the process of building your clientele, you’ll have practice techniques to perfect your skills so your customers are totally satisfied. Practice makes a perfect cock sucker.

Glory Hole Training

Glory Hole TrainingI’ve found that there are three types of glory hole cock sucking subbies. First, you have cock suckers that are ready, willing, and able. They have no qualms about spending hours at the glory hole, servicing the cocks of dozens of strangers for their Mistress. I love this type of glory hole slut.

The second type are those subbies who are more than willing to be a glory hole cock sucking slut, yet there simply aren’t any glory holes nearby where they live. Unfortunately, most of the time, these subbies have to wait until they go on vacation or go out of town on a business trip to fulfill their glory hole duties.

The last type of subbie is one who fantasizes endlessly about being on his knees, servicing big black cock, but has never actually done it before. For some of these types, strict training and dedication will help them realize their fantasy. But so many others are just to fucking pussy to actually follow through with it. Even if I dragged them to the glory hole on a collar and leash, they would still find a way out.

This training program is directed towards the second and third type of subbie. Even if you’re visiting the glory hole on your vacation of business trip, you’re not doing it frequently enough. And as with any skill, if you don’t practice it regularly, your performance suffers. Use it of lose it, bitch.

If you’re the shy and nervous type, this assignment will gradually desensitize and condition you realize your glory hole cock sucking fantasy. And lastly, if you’re just too much of pussy little bitch to visit a glory hole, this assignment will allow you to experience the slutty euphoria of stripping down, walking into a room, and devouring cock for Mistress.

Cum Glazed Panties

Cum Glazed PantiesOkay so one of my very best friends, Victoria, lives in this small apartment complex. It’s one of those apartments that has a small laundry room for the residents to use. Well anyway, she sometimes leaves the laundry room while her clothes are washing and drying and goes back to her apartment. She hates waiting there. Who could blame her for leaving her clothes unattended?? It’s boring as shit. But she sometimes naïve and doesn’t realize the world is full of disgusting, perverted guys- guys like you.

A few months ago while she was in her apartment, some perverted little dickhead stole a bunch of her panties from the dryer. He literally opened the dryer and grabbed a handful of her sexy, petite panties. He’s probably wearing them and soiling them with his cum at this very moment. Fucking moron!! I know all about how dirty some guys can be. I wasn’t shocked at all about what happened. In fact, I personally would have expected something like this and would never leave my precious panties unattended.

This is the sort of fucked up, perverted thing you would do, isn’t it?? I can totally see you lurking around a laundry room looking for some hottie’s panties to sniff and steal- fucking panty sniffing perv. Admit it, you’ve thought about it.

Since you’re a slutty panty perv who gets off on sniffing a woman’s panties, I’m going to give you your wish. Victoria never found out who stole her panties, so I’m going to make you pay the price for it. Because you would steal a dryer full of panties if you had the opportunity, I’m going to make you pay- with humiliation- for the moron that stole Victoria’s panties. It will be as if you were the perverted panty thief.

Your humiliation spans the course of several days in which you will be to sink to whole new level of perversion to rectify the situation of Victoria’s stolen panties.