How To Eat Your Own Cum

How To Eat Your Own CumHow to eat your own cum, each time every time for Mistress Sarah.

I get asked that question a lot. A lot of guys love the idea of being forced to eat their own cum. When you think about eating your cum, you get all worked up. The more you concentrate on it, the harder your cock gets. The problem arises after you cum and the urge to be a cum slut is gone.

You’ve probably been trying to figure out how to actually eat your own cum for the longest time. You probably vow to swallow it all, only to back out immediately after your sticky climax. Some say your inability to eat your own cum is a psychological thing. But the true reason behind it is the fact that you haven’t been properly trained to be a cum slut. But even if it just happens to be a psychological thing, I really don’t give a fuck- you’re still going to do. Eating your own cum is something a dirty slut is supposed to do for his Mistress. And that is what you’ll do for me.

I am going to train you to effectively eat your own cum using a five step training tutorial. Learning how to be a cum swallowing slut is a simple matter of mastering each step. It won’t be easy, but if you’re determined and practice diligently, you’ll grow to love the act of eating your own cum, every time- without fail.

Now be a good little bitch and master the art of self cum eating.

Cum Glazed Panties

Cum Glazed PantiesOkay so one of my very best friends, Victoria, lives in this small apartment complex. It’s one of those apartments that has a small laundry room for the residents to use. Well anyway, she sometimes leaves the laundry room while her clothes are washing and drying and goes back to her apartment. She hates waiting there. Who could blame her for leaving her clothes unattended?? It’s boring as shit. But she sometimes naïve and doesn’t realize the world is full of disgusting, perverted guys- guys like you.

A few months ago while she was in her apartment, some perverted little dickhead stole a bunch of her panties from the dryer. He literally opened the dryer and grabbed a handful of her sexy, petite panties. He’s probably wearing them and soiling them with his cum at this very moment. Fucking moron!! I know all about how dirty some guys can be. I wasn’t shocked at all about what happened. In fact, I personally would have expected something like this and would never leave my precious panties unattended.

This is the sort of fucked up, perverted thing you would do, isn’t it?? I can totally see you lurking around a laundry room looking for some hottie’s panties to sniff and steal- fucking panty sniffing perv. Admit it, you’ve thought about it.

Since you’re a slutty panty perv who gets off on sniffing a woman’s panties, I’m going to give you your wish. Victoria never found out who stole her panties, so I’m going to make you pay the price for it. Because you would steal a dryer full of panties if you had the opportunity, I’m going to make you pay- with humiliation- for the moron that stole Victoria’s panties. It will be as if you were the perverted panty thief.

Your humiliation spans the course of several days in which you will be to sink to whole new level of perversion to rectify the situation of Victoria’s stolen panties.

Either Swallow It Or Suffer

Swallow Or SufferThere have been so many times when you’ve been excited as fuck to eat your cum, only to totally lose the resolve and desire after you orgasm. When you start stroking, you vow to be good cum slut for me. But after I allow you to cum, you try all sorts of shit to get out of it. How many times have you said, “Please Mistress, I’ll do anything to get out of eating my cum??”

You silly little slut. You know it’s your place to eat your cum. It’s appropriate for that sticky-icky cum to go in your mouth. I thought you came to terms with that reality a long time ago. My little slut swallows. Period. That cum goes in your mouth. End of story.

Usually there are no exceptions. Sometimes, though, I feel generous- or evil depending on how you look at- and am happy to give you the opportunity to get out of eating your cum. Of course, there’s a catch, you silly slut.

This humiliation assignment contains five individual tasks. After each task and orgasm, you’ll be faced with a predicament involving two options.

Option 1- Clean up your cum like a good whore is supposed to.
Option 2- Perform the punishment task.

So I either get to humiliate you by making you properly clean up your mess, or I get to punish you. Either way, it’s a win-win for me.