Chastity Assignment

The Chastity Trial Overall, my experience on NiteFlirt has been completely disappointing when it comes to chastity slaves. At least once a day, some moron emails me, wanting to have his cock caged in chastity and begging me to be his Keyholder. Half the time, I don’t even respond to these idiots anymore.

Too often the most stoic slave has been reduced to nothing more than a whiney bitch once his cock is locked down. What usually happens is I get an inbox full of emails begging me to allow them to remove the chastity device and cum. It’s irritating.

I love being a Keyholder, but chastity certainly isn’t for every subbie. Many subbies underestimate the commitment chastity requires. More importantly they fail to realize that being a Keyholder is a big commitment for Mistress- one that I take very seriously. I’m not going to waste my fucking time on undeserving chastity bitches anymore. Having your key dangle from my neck is a privilege- an honor granted to a very select few and on that you will earn.

That’s what this assignment is about- proving yourself worthy of being my chastity whore. You will be placed in a homemade chastity device and subjected to endless teasing, wicked humiliation, and repeated cock arousal drills to heighten your sexual frustration and ultimately strengthen your obedience. I want to see how you handle what I throw at you before moving on to full chastity.

It’ time to give up control of your most intimate activities and subject yourself to the strict control you’ve been craving.