Blackmail Games: “Deep Throat Daniel” Update

As many of you probably know, I’ve been teaching one of my blackmail bitches, Daniel Keiffer, a lesson for being a disobedient fuck-tard. A few weeks ago I posted both his and his wife’s personal email address on my blog. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Much has transpired since that I last posed. First of all, I want to thank my bitches who emailed Daniel and his wife. The response was overwhelming. Poor little fuck-up Daniel, reading all those emails telling him what a filthy cock-sucker he is, lol. Yay!! His wife officially knows he’s a filthy cock sucker.

So anyway, a couple days after posting his private contact info, I get several emails from Daniel. In the first few he was clearly pissed and very nervous that his personal contact info was posted online. At this point, I’m on the edge of my seat laughing my ass off because he actually thinks I give a fuck about the turmoil and friction all this caused with his wife. Um, yeah, if your wife gets a dozen emails from guys she doesn’t know, telling her that her husband sucks cock, it’s going to cause friction. That was the whole point of doing it.

I totally had a huge sense of satisfaction in posting this fuck-tard’s info. It was long before Daniel changed his tune. My little bitch lost the fucking attitude and began for my forgiveness. Begging for his info to be removed. Begging for a second chance. Begging to be my cock-sucking whore again. He even tried to smooth things over with a gift card.

Like most guys, Daniel is a skillful lair. Supposedly, he was able to convince his wife that all the emails she got was because his email account got hacked, lol. Even if she actually believes that obvious lie, the idea that her husband is a deviant dick boy is in her head. A part of her will always wonder if the emails are true. When he’s late coming home, a tiny part of her will wonder if he was out cheating on her with a cock in his mouth.

Daniel thinks he’s gotten some reprieve, but the truth of the matter is that he’s only getting in deeper- whether he likes it or not!! My claws are thoroughly sunk in and I’m not about to let go.

As part of me granting forgiveness, I required Daniel to submit some more incriminating evidence of his slutty behavior. I made him send me a photo of him wearing a pair of his wife’s dirty panties and holding a sign that reads: “I’m a dirty slut that loves sucking cock wearing my wife’s dirty panties”

Of course he didn’t want to send me the photo, but ultimately had no choice. If he fucks up or disappoints me, I’m going to post that photo on my blog and email it to his wife so she can see who her husband really is. Haha, I doubt it will get that far though, because now that Daniel knows my intentions, he’s scared shitless, lol.

Blackmail Games: Destroying “Deep Throat Daniel”

About six months ago, this little bitch- Daniel Keiffer- came to me wanting to be blackmailed. He submitted his info and began living the life of a slut under my direct control. He was very devoted and obedient. Well, about a week ago I get a one line email from him telling me that he’s done. He says he will no longer be blackmailed into being a slut again. He claims that he will never again suck cock for me.

I don’t know what kind of Domme he’s used to dealing with, but he’s more of fool than I thought if he thinks he’s going to break away that easily.

Breaking away isn’t that easy. First of all, I detest the snotty and shortness of his email- as if he’s dismissing me. As if he is in control of the situation. It’s not done until I say it’s done.  Second of all, Daniel and I have an agreement in place that clearly stipulates that if he wishes to terminate our written agreement, he must first obtain my permission. He must also be subjected to a termination fee. These are the stipulations he agreed to.

As you might have guessed, my payment request for the termination fee has gone unanswered for the past several days, so I assume this dumb ass isn’t going to respect this part of our agreement either.

I’m not about to let some stupid slut attempt to dictate terms to me. This little bitch needs to be taught a lesson. Obviously he’s forgotten his place. He’s forgotten that have photos of him sucking cock on his lunch break. He’s forgotten about all the other compromising photos I have of him being a nasty fuck-slut. I wonder how his wifey would like that photo of him deep throating her dildo?? I bet his coworkers would laugh their asses off seeing Deep Throat Daniel swallow cock, lol.

I know you’re reading this post, Daniel. So let me tell you- you are going to suck fucking cock for me again. Big black fucking cock. And you’re going to like it, bitch. You’re also going to comply with our original agreement and pay your termination fee. Because if you don’t, I will systematically destroy all aspects of your life.

Fuck you, you brought this all on yourself. You fucked with the wrong bitch!! Now you’re going to learn that I mean business. Consider this round one, Daniel. Continued disobedience will result in me releasing more of your personal information on my blog.

For me other subbies and sluts, let’s get the word out…below is some contact info for Daniel and his fat ass wife, Kathy. Send her an email or comment below. Tell Kathy all about how her husband, “Deep Throat Daniel,” loves sucking cock. Tell her how he’s a cock loving faggot who has sucked more dick in the last six months than she has in the lat 15 years of marriage.

UPDATE: Daniel displayed obedience and thus his email address, along with his wife’s email address have been removed!!