Ball Busting, Ruined Orgasms, and Cum Eating

Ball Busting Cum Eating SessionI could say that I’m going to bust your balls as punishment for things such as disobedience and numerous cum eating failures. I’d be perfectly justified because, after all, you are quite disobedient at times. And I know for a fact you don’t eat your cum after each and every orgasm.

But I’m not going to do that. Today, I’m gonna make you bust your balls and fuck up your orgasm simply because I want to- simply because I fucking can. Before we go any further, reach down and grab your balls. Squeeze them tightly, and repeat after me, “My balls belong to Mistress Sarah and it’s my obligation to punish them for her.”

In this edging session, I’m going to have some fun with those balls. It’s beautiful to humiliate yourself, surrender, and suffer in sweet agony for your Mistress- an honor you get today.

Topics include cock control, CBT games, ball busting, tease and denial, edging, multiple ruined orgasms, mind games. You’ll be made to eat your cum in such a way that allows you to savor the taste and humiliation long after you swallow!!

The session is broken down into four parts.

Part 1: Initial Torment
Part 2: The Stroking Begins
Part 3: Unraveling
Part 4: Edging, Orgasm Ruins, and Cum Eating

Bed Beaver

Bitch Boy and The Bed BeaverDo you ever have the overwhelming urge to totally give up control??
Do you ever have the desire to completely surrender??
Do you ever desire to be treated like the worthless scum you truly are??

I certainly hope so, because I have the insatiable urge to take complete control and dish out relentless punishment and torment- not necessarily because you deserve it, but just because having power and control over you turns me on.

These Femdom instructions include topics and themes such as spanking, bondage, nipple torment, punishment, atonement, humiliation, fucking, cock control, cum instructions, etc.

Your naked body…My canvass!!
Your ego…Mine to stomp and destroy!!
Your humiliation…My satisfaction!!

Now take your clothes off, get on your knees, and present yourself to me- you worthless heap of fucking scum.

Cock Enlargement and Modification

CBT Session, Enlarge and ModifyI’m always amazed at guys who send me photos of their cock. I’m not talking about the pindicks into sph, nor am I talking about photos of CBT predicaments. I’m referring to the guys with average size cocks sending me photos out of the clear blue. Like I’m supposed to be impressed with a cock photo- especially a cock of average size. Seriously, WTF??

Your cock doesn’t impress me in the least. To me, that particular part of the male anatomy is nothing more than a piece of clay. A trinket. A cheap crummy toy to play with or destroy depending on my mood.

Sometimes I like to taunt, ridicule, and make fun of your tiny, pathetic, nub of a cock. Other times, I like slapping it repeatedly or stomping it with my stilettos- sweet revenge for all the disappointment it’s caused other woman over the years.

But right now, I’m in the mood to experiment with it. I want your cock to be my lab-rat, so to speak. This session consists of two parts- enlargement and modification. I want to see if we can make your cock an inch or so longer. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?? But remember, even if we manage to enlarge it a couple inches, your cock will be no less pathetic and inadequate than it is right now.