Can You Really Make Me Eat My Cum, Mistress??

Dear Mistress Sarah,

I saw your listings on NiteFlirt and you are so gorgeous. Can you really force me to eat my cum for you? I’ve tried it so many times but can’t bring myself to do it. I always lose the urge. Can you help me? Make me eat my cum for you, Mistress. Please force me to do it, Mistress.


I get a lot of emails from dirty little sluts, just like Jerry. They claim to wanna eat their cum so badly, yet they have a super long history of cum eating failures. They want me to literally force them to eat their cum.

Here’s the thing- short of holding a gun to your head- I cannot actually force you to eat your own cum. I can threaten and bully you into doing it. I can blackmail you into cum eating. I can seduce you into doing it. I can punish you for your cum eating failures. I can make you wanna eat it. But I simply cannot actually force you into being a load lapping slut.

Asking me if I can force you to eat your cum is like asking a personal trainer if he or she can force you to exercise. You have to want it. It’s the same thing with eating your cum- you have to want it. No, I mean really, really want it. You have to be willing and open to actually doing it. Are you ready to put aside your petty inhibitions and put forth the dedication required to eat your cum for me??

I want you to think of me as your cum eating trainer of sorts. I can teach you, train you, and mold you into a dirty little cum eater. When it comes to training you to eat your cum, I’m strict and demanding, but also patient with my aspiring cum eaters. In the end, I won’t accept anything less than total success.

It might not be natural to eat your cum, but it’s certainly something you’re going to learn how to do. In fact you’re going to master the art of eating your own cum. It’s only right that you swallow every single drop of cum for Mistress, isn’t it?? After all, that’s what dirty sluts do- they eat hot, sticky cum. And they fucking like it. And you- my dirty little slut- are no exception.

In other news, I recently put out an open invitation to my little cock sucking sluts. Well, I think I’ve found my cock-sucker. Yay!! Two in fact. One lives here in Denver. The other one lives out of state but visits often. Both are going to get their mouths used in my honor!!

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