Blackmail Game

Seductive…Cruel…Deadly…Erotic Blackmail Game!!

Do you dream of being thoroughly controlled by a demanding Domme- without the ability or option of saying, “No Mistress” when things get too intense?? My blackmail game is all about the ultimate surrender you crave.

We begin with a brief conversation about blackmail and proceed though multiple levels of information extraction. Things start off easy and subtle, but as you’ll discover, appearances can be very deceiving. I’ll have you wrapped around my long sexy finger and under my control much quicker than you think.

Along with information requests, each level contains little teases and insights into what life is like when you’re blackmailed by Mistress Sarah. I give you a special glimpse into some of the ways I intend to impose my will upon you and control you.

If you wish to learn about my blackmail approach I suggest you visit my Erotic Blackmail page. Otherwise, give into your sense of fear and click. You really don’t want to keep me waiting, do you??

Femdom Blackmail Game