Bed Beaver

Bitch Boy and The Bed BeaverDo you ever have the overwhelming urge to totally give up control??
Do you ever have the desire to completely surrender??
Do you ever desire to be treated like the worthless scum you truly are??

I certainly hope so, because I have the insatiable urge to take complete control and dish out relentless punishment and torment- not necessarily because you deserve it, but just because having power and control over you turns me on.

These Femdom instructions include topics and themes such as spanking, bondage, nipple torment, punishment, atonement, humiliation, fucking, cock control, cum instructions, etc.

Your naked body…My canvass!!
Your ego…Mine to stomp and destroy!!
Your humiliation…My satisfaction!!

Now take your clothes off, get on your knees, and present yourself to me- you worthless heap of fucking scum.

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