Punishing My Real Time Slave!!

Many of you reading this are probably not aware that I have a slave- a personal bitch boy- that serves me in real time. While he is not a live in slave, he is on call 24/7 to attend to my needs. Three times a week, he cleans my condo. He is required to run errands such as going to the grocery store and filling my car with gas. When I have him over to clean, cook, and serve me, he is required to attend to my every whim down to the smallest detail.

As a reminder that he’s my little bitch, I make him keep his legs shaved and make him wear sexy, lace thong panties daily. When he’s serving me in person, he is only allowed to wear his panties, though sometimes I make him put on a bra and four inch heels depending on my mood. It seems like I constantly have to remind him to pull his panties up and wear them the way a thong is supposed to be worn.

To my disgust, over the past few weeks he’s become somewhat disobedient. I’ve had to tell him when my wine glass needs to be refilled. Even after I tell him, he doesn’t move fast enough to replenish it. I’ve called him in the early morning to run an errand, like going to store because I’m in the mood for chips and salsa, and he bitches and complains about it. Yeah, he works graveyards and only had two hours of sleep, but, what the fuck, his sleep is irrelevant. When Mistress wants something, she wants it now!!

I keep the whip handy when he’s here and there have been times when he literally tries to stop me by grabbing the lashes of the whip to prevent me from inflicting pain. I love digging my long sexy nails into his skin and raking them across his body, to the point of drawing blood and leaving permanent marks. He is supposed to stand there and take it, yet he squirms, moves, and sometimes tries to stop me. He bitches that his skin is too cold to be scratched and that he deals with it better when he’s warm. Again, what the fuck??

Naturally, he needs to be punished for this unacceptable behavior. He needs to learn how to be a good bitch for his Mistress. I punished him appropriately and ordered him to write about it. Below is a detailed account of his punishment in his own words.


Mistress called me the other morning and told me that I was going to be punished hard for my disobedience and failure to be a good bitch for her. She told me that I going to be taught how to be a good bitch. She explained how disappointed she was and that I was going to be punished for the following six things.

  1. Failing to attend to her needs fast enough.
  2. Being bitchy when she wakes me up to serve her.
  3. Attempting to grab the whip and stop her from whipping me.
  4. Squirming when being scratched rather than standing still and taking it.
  5. Complaining when she scratches, bites, whips, or punishes me.
  6. Not wearing my panties right and having to be told to pull them up.

Mistress tells me all the time that she loves to hurt me. I love hearing those words from her sexy voice. Today, I knew she was going to punish me really hard. She is right to do so, of course. It is a privilege to serve her. And I confess I haven’t done the best job in that regard.  I was apprehensive because I knew it’s going to really hurt but I also know it’s what I need and deserve for the way I’ve been acting. I also knew that if I didn’t get my ass over to her place fast enough, I would be punished even harder. Mistress doesn’t allow me to use a safe word. When she punishes me, it’s real punishment, not play.

Before going to her house, I was instructed to go outside and select several branches from the elm trees that populate my yard. They were pretty thin, say no more than an eight inch in diameter. Upon entering and presenting the branches to Mistress, she instructed to strip down to my panties stand before her. She slapped my face several times, before ordering me to lay face down on the bed. She quickly tied my wrists together tight. She took another piece of rope, ran it in between my wrists and secured it tightly to a bed post. Next, she tied my legs together tightly at the ankles and just above my knees so I couldn’t move them. Lastly, she removed her panties and shoved them in my mouth.

Using just one branch at a time, she began whipping me hard- on after another. Occasionally, she would pause to get a drink of wine and remind me how much she enjoys hurting me and why I was being punished  Deep red marks and welts on my back, ass, and legs, one after another, began to appear my body as the switch swooshed though the air. Many of the thin branches had small points or nubs on them. Several times one of these nubs would hit directly on my skin, causing tiny tricklets of blood to emerge. When a branch would break, she would simply get another and continue.

Every once in a while, I was able to look over and get a glimpse of her standing along side of the bed, branch in hand, and a super satisfied look on her beautiful face. It’s a look I know very well. Deep down, it’s an amazing feeling to know that her hurting me puts that look on her gorgeous face.

I don’t recall how long this lasted or how many lashes I received. What an amazing feeling to be bound and unable to move or resist. After a bit, I got to a place where all I wanted was more. After I was punished to her liking, she untied me. I got on my knees before her and thanked her for hurting me and teaching me to be a good bitch. I vowed that I learned my lesson and would never be disobedient again. She admired the marks she inflicted for awhile before dismissing me.

My back, ass, and legs are covered with deep red marks, welts, small punctures from the nubs. My body aches from being tied in one position. It hurts to sit down or lean up against a wall. It hurts to take a shower. It hurts when my clothes brush up against my backside. All a reminder of what a bitch gets when failing to serve properly and show obedience at all times. I’m not complaining by any means. I’m thankful Mistress corrected me and is molding me to her liking.

The Cock Sucking Elite, Well Beyond Craigslist!

elite-level-cock-suckingIf you’re a little cock sucker- and I know that you probably are- and if you’ve ever tried to find cock to suck from Craigslist- and I know you probably have- I’m sure you’re well aware of the pitfalls and problems.

Here’s what usually happens. You get all hard and wet, thinking about sucking cock for your Mistress. You put on your panties and the thought of a hard cock in your mouth drives you absolutely wild. You want to do it so bad for me, don’t you?? So you post an ad on Craigslist in search of some cock to satisfy your greedy dick sucking mouth. Your mouth waters for cock. You check your email every five minutes hoping to get a response.

You end up getting a few replies and exchange a few emails, but in the end your efforts are futile. Nothing ever becomes of it, does it?? You end up a frustrated little cock sucker. It usually never pans out because Craigslist has become inundated with time wasters morons who aren’t serious- or don’t have the balls- to actually go through with getting their cock sucked. It’s totally fucked up, in my opinion. And you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Don’t get me wrong, Craigslist isn’t completely useless. However, it is but one small part of your overall cock sucking program and routine. But overall, finding cock on Craigslist is like finding a needle in a haystack. To be a successful cock sucker, you must move beyond Craigslist.

I want a cock sucker who fucking works it. I want a cock sucker who thoroughly embraces a cock sucking lifestyle. I want a cock sucker get spends his time getting down and dirty on cock, instead of sending emails back and forth with some idiot time waster. I want my cock sucking whore to never want or lack for his mouth stuffed with cock and his stomach full of cum.

In short, I want an elite level cock sucker. Is that you?? Do you want to be cock sucking elite??

Then I have the program just for you. To be a successful cock sucker, you must move beyond Craigslist and utilize a different approach. I want to lead you down a lifestyle of sucking cock- not just once in a while, but all the time. It takes work on your part, but I’m going to show you how to lay the ground work so that your mouth never lacks for cock. You will suck dick for your Mistress, no ifs, ands, or buts.

In this cock sucker elite training program, I’ve put together everything you need to live the cock sucking lifestyle for your Mistress- detailed instructions, my expectations of you, weekly cock sucking goals, cock sucking tasks, your cock sucker business card, bukkake invite, ads, finding cock to suck, social media profiles, and more. It’s one of my most comprehensive training programs ever- all centered around you actually sucking dick as my elite cock sucker.

Let your cock hungry mouth lack for dick no longer, bitch!!

Buy It Now, Bitch

The Evolution Of A Cum Slut

Many submissive sluts come to me ready, and oh so eager, to wrap their moist lips around a cock and suck it for your Mistress. For others it takes time to develop the desire to suck cock for me. Either way, sucking cock as a form of entertainment and servitude is a natural progression- and one that I find most interesting. I want to tell you about the evolution of one of my dirty little sluts named Keith.

Before some jackass, fuck-tard writes to tell me that he will never suck cock, let me say that some will never have the desire to suck cock. And that’s quite alright. Generally speaking though, I find it fairly easy to train and desensitize my bitches to the point that they will indeed suck dick for Mistress- and fucking love it- even if they initially swear they would never do it.

Anyway, onto my little whore, Keith. Keith contacted me about a year and a half ago. At the time he had a huge cum eating fetish, endlessly fantasizing about swallowing his own cum. Like many, he tired on several occasions and failed miserably, always backing out like a pathetic bitch. But under my guidance and discipline, Keith began to flourish as a cum slut. It wasn’t long after I made him swallow his first load that he was swallowing and eating his sticky, nasty mess like a true cum whore.

As much as Keith enjoyed eating his own cum for me, he was adamant about never sucking cock and swallowing someone else’s cum. Personally, I love pushing boundaries, and find it wildly erotic and gratifying to coerce people into doing things they don’t exactly like doing- like sucking cock.

Deep down I knew that someone who is as big of slut as Keith would definitely suck cock for Mistress. Even though he denied it repeatedly, I could see right through him. He needed to suck cock, and I needed to make him do it!!

I began to tease and toy with Keith calling him a little cock sucker. I would order him to tell me that he was a filthy little cock whore. If he was allowed to masturbate, you would have to profess his love for sucking dick as he stroked. Keith loved sucking his dildo, so I had name it Jerome. I would have him tell me how much you love Jerome’s cock- how good it felt in his mouth- how much he craved Jerome’s cum. At my instruction, Keith was forced to watch gay porn on a daily basis.

I would mind fuck Keith over and over again, twisting his perverted mind until he couldn’t see or think straight- until the only thing he could see or think about was sucking cock. It wasn’t long before he was obsessed with it. He had to fucking have it. I made him beg and grovel for it, before allowing him to pursue a real cock to suck.

Keith is not a promiscuous slut, so it was a very involved process of finding an exclusive “partner” who he could suck on a regular basis. It was a pain staking process, involving lots of patience for someone as eager to suck cock as Keith was. But in the end it was all worth it. Keith has that one person in his life, who calls him twice a week and says, “get your ass over here and suck my cock, bitch.” Keith, the eager cock sucker he is, drops whatever he’s doing and sucks until that hot cum shoots down his throat or drenches his face.


In other news, I’ve been putting one of my sissy bitches, named Dani, through an exhaustive and relentless hazing ritual, which includes such things as sleep deprivation, attention drills, and removal of privileges. I fucking love breaking this sissy whore down to make her better. Do you want to be hazed by me??


I’ve also been working on a few pretty bad ass kinky things for me sluts including a new installment in my Heart To Heart Humiliation series, and a lifestyle training program I’m planning to call The Next Generation Cock Sucker. I’m putting the finishing touches on it and am so excited. Trust me, if you want to suck cock, this is for you!!

Oh and I almost forgot, I recently did an interview with NiteFlirt. It’s supposed to appear on their blog at some point, and I’ll be posting it here on my website as well.

Now, be a good little bitch and do something totally slutty today!!

A Cruel Reality Check For A Smart Ass Slut

The other day I was having an email session with one of my slutty boys, which took an unexpected turn. This particular little bitch loves sucking cock for me and he does it so well. You should see some of the photos he sends me.

Anyway, this session he just wanted to chat about vanilla sex and relationships. Apparently, he was out at a club and managed to actually hookup with a chick. Wow, I’m shocked and a tad impressed. I didn’t think he had it in him. It was obvious from the tone of his email the encounter gave his ego a much needed boost.

So suddenly he thinks he’s a player and starts boasting about how he can get any woman he wants, blah, blah, blah. I’m smiling and totally amused because I’ve seen him at his sluttiest many times. It wasn’t more than two weeks ago he was on his knees getting face fucked by a big black cock- complete with tears streaming down his face.

“The sex was great, Mistress Sarah. The only thing is that she stopped me a few times and asked if the condom she gave me was still on.”

Yikes!! That doesn’t sound good at all. But he’s unfazed and continues on. I don’t do make believe well, and after a while I had enough.

“Why do you suppose she kept asking if the condom was still on?” I asked.

“I don’t know, Mistress Sarah, probably just a coincidence or something,” he replied.

“Um no sweetie, she kept asking you that because she gave you an extra large condom, while your cock size is average at best, probably a little less than average. She thought it was slipping off,” I say, laughing out loud.

I can tell from his email that he doesn’t quite believe me about the slippage or about cock size. So I proceed to prove my point by asking him if he likes sucking big cock.

“Oh yes, absolutely Mistress Sarah, the bigger the better. You know that.”

“Then why do you think she’s any different? Don’t you think she likes a big, satisfying cock, just like you do?” I ask.

Haha, I can tell it’s finally sinking in. He gets it. He wasn’t able to satisfy her like as a man. Is it any wonder she’s been ignoring his texts and his calls go directly to voice mail?? Yeah, she’s probably getting a new phone number as we speak, lol.

Hot women fuck guys with big dicks. Hot women marry guys with little dicks so they can date and fuck guys with big dicks. Sorry but that’s just the reality of the situation.

But really, in my world your cock- and your cock size- is totally irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if you’re two inches and skinny as a pencil or if you’re eight inches and thick. The only way your cock could ever please and impress me is by either suffering and or being locked up in a chastity tube for an extended length of time. You already know that, don’t you??

But just in case you need a reality check, let me leave you with a video that sums it up perfectly.

“Eenie Weenie, Teeny Weenie, Shriveled Little Short Dick Man” LMFAO!!

Three Blow Jobs In Eight Years

I thought I’d share how I’ve been turning the wife of one of my bitches into a cum eating slut. It’s funny as fuck.

About three months ago, this little slut named, Pete, who has been my filthy load lapper on many occasions, confessed that his ugly, prude hag-of-a-wife has only sucked his cock three times in the entire eight years they’ve been together. What’s more, she’s never even tasted his cum in her mouth.

Not that I blame her one bit for not wanting to suck his filthy dingy of a cock. There’s a difference between not sucking cock because you’re a sexually repressed bitch or not sucking cock because you’re a badass bitch who is totally superior to anything even remotely resembling a penis. Pete’s wife is certainly no badass bitch, so it’s her duty to eat cum and suck cock. And eat cum she definitely will.

Seriously, can you imagine being married for eight years and only getting three blow jobs from your wife in all that time?? On second thought, I’m sure you probably don’t have to imagine it because you’re living it. Haha, I bet some of you haven’t even had one blow job in the last eight years, let alone three.

I enjoy mocking Pete’s joke of a marriage. It’s such a farce and I love degrading it. Haha, just look at his wedding ring stuck in that puddle of cum.

Not only do I make him pay to fuck his the wifey, he is also required to cum as quickly as possible. I want her to have absolutely no sexual pleasure from the experience. Zero satisfaction for my sexually repressed slut.

She might not knowingly swallow his cum yet, but she’s getting it in other ways. Per my instructions, Pete was required to ejaculate his load in a syringe and squirt it all over her food. This time she got his load all over her leftover pizza 🙂

Of course, my little whore, Pete, was jealous that his wife got to eat cum and he didn’t. I don’t want to deprive my slut, so he’s definitely getting the load. Maybe I’ll made them share it, lol.

Blackmail Games: “Deep Throat Daniel” Update

As many of you probably know, I’ve been teaching one of my blackmail bitches, Daniel Keiffer, a lesson for being a disobedient fuck-tard. A few weeks ago I posted both his and his wife’s personal email address on my blog. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Much has transpired since that I last posed. First of all, I want to thank my bitches who emailed Daniel and his wife. The response was overwhelming. Poor little fuck-up Daniel, reading all those emails telling him what a filthy cock-sucker he is, lol. Yay!! His wife officially knows he’s a filthy cock sucker.

So anyway, a couple days after posting his private contact info, I get several emails from Daniel. In the first few he was clearly pissed and very nervous that his personal contact info was posted online. At this point, I’m on the edge of my seat laughing my ass off because he actually thinks I give a fuck about the turmoil and friction all this caused with his wife. Um, yeah, if your wife gets a dozen emails from guys she doesn’t know, telling her that her husband sucks cock, it’s going to cause friction. That was the whole point of doing it.

I totally had a huge sense of satisfaction in posting this fuck-tard’s info. It was long before Daniel changed his tune. My little bitch lost the fucking attitude and began for my forgiveness. Begging for his info to be removed. Begging for a second chance. Begging to be my cock-sucking whore again. He even tried to smooth things over with a gift card.

Like most guys, Daniel is a skillful lair. Supposedly, he was able to convince his wife that all the emails she got was because his email account got hacked, lol. Even if she actually believes that obvious lie, the idea that her husband is a deviant dick boy is in her head. A part of her will always wonder if the emails are true. When he’s late coming home, a tiny part of her will wonder if he was out cheating on her with a cock in his mouth.

Daniel thinks he’s gotten some reprieve, but the truth of the matter is that he’s only getting in deeper- whether he likes it or not!! My claws are thoroughly sunk in and I’m not about to let go.

As part of me granting forgiveness, I required Daniel to submit some more incriminating evidence of his slutty behavior. I made him send me a photo of him wearing a pair of his wife’s dirty panties and holding a sign that reads: “I’m a dirty slut that loves sucking cock wearing my wife’s dirty panties”

Of course he didn’t want to send me the photo, but ultimately had no choice. If he fucks up or disappoints me, I’m going to post that photo on my blog and email it to his wife so she can see who her husband really is. Haha, I doubt it will get that far though, because now that Daniel knows my intentions, he’s scared shitless, lol.

Blackmail Games: Destroying “Deep Throat Daniel”

About six months ago, this little bitch- Daniel Keiffer- came to me wanting to be blackmailed. He submitted his info and began living the life of a slut under my direct control. He was very devoted and obedient. Well, about a week ago I get a one line email from him telling me that he’s done. He says he will no longer be blackmailed into being a slut again. He claims that he will never again suck cock for me.

I don’t know what kind of Domme he’s used to dealing with, but he’s more of fool than I thought if he thinks he’s going to break away that easily.

Breaking away isn’t that easy. First of all, I detest the snotty and shortness of his email- as if he’s dismissing me. As if he is in control of the situation. It’s not done until I say it’s done.  Second of all, Daniel and I have an agreement in place that clearly stipulates that if he wishes to terminate our written agreement, he must first obtain my permission. He must also be subjected to a termination fee. These are the stipulations he agreed to.

As you might have guessed, my payment request for the termination fee has gone unanswered for the past several days, so I assume this dumb ass isn’t going to respect this part of our agreement either.

I’m not about to let some stupid slut attempt to dictate terms to me. This little bitch needs to be taught a lesson. Obviously he’s forgotten his place. He’s forgotten that have photos of him sucking cock on his lunch break. He’s forgotten about all the other compromising photos I have of him being a nasty fuck-slut. I wonder how his wifey would like that photo of him deep throating her dildo?? I bet his coworkers would laugh their asses off seeing Deep Throat Daniel swallow cock, lol.

I know you’re reading this post, Daniel. So let me tell you- you are going to suck fucking cock for me again. Big black fucking cock. And you’re going to like it, bitch. You’re also going to comply with our original agreement and pay your termination fee. Because if you don’t, I will systematically destroy all aspects of your life.

Fuck you, you brought this all on yourself. You fucked with the wrong bitch!! Now you’re going to learn that I mean business. Consider this round one, Daniel. Continued disobedience will result in me releasing more of your personal information on my blog.

For me other subbies and sluts, let’s get the word out…below is some contact info for Daniel and his fat ass wife, Kathy. Send her an email or comment below. Tell Kathy all about how her husband, “Deep Throat Daniel,” loves sucking cock. Tell her how he’s a cock loving faggot who has sucked more dick in the last six months than she has in the lat 15 years of marriage.

UPDATE: Daniel displayed obedience and thus his email address, along with his wife’s email address have been removed!!

Can You Really Make Me Eat My Cum, Mistress??

Dear Mistress Sarah,

I saw your listings on NiteFlirt and you are so gorgeous. Can you really force me to eat my cum for you? I’ve tried it so many times but can’t bring myself to do it. I always lose the urge. Can you help me? Make me eat my cum for you, Mistress. Please force me to do it, Mistress.


I get a lot of emails from dirty little sluts, just like Jerry. They claim to wanna eat their cum so badly, yet they have a super long history of cum eating failures. They want me to literally force them to eat their cum.

Here’s the thing- short of holding a gun to your head- I cannot actually force you to eat your own cum. I can threaten and bully you into doing it. I can blackmail you into cum eating. I can seduce you into doing it. I can punish you for your cum eating failures. I can make you wanna eat it. But I simply cannot actually force you into being a load lapping slut.

Asking me if I can force you to eat your cum is like asking a personal trainer if he or she can force you to exercise. You have to want it. It’s the same thing with eating your cum- you have to want it. No, I mean really, really want it. You have to be willing and open to actually doing it. Are you ready to put aside your petty inhibitions and put forth the dedication required to eat your cum for me??

I want you to think of me as your cum eating trainer of sorts. I can teach you, train you, and mold you into a dirty little cum eater. When it comes to training you to eat your cum, I’m strict and demanding, but also patient with my aspiring cum eaters. In the end, I won’t accept anything less than total success.

It might not be natural to eat your cum, but it’s certainly something you’re going to learn how to do. In fact you’re going to master the art of eating your own cum. It’s only right that you swallow every single drop of cum for Mistress, isn’t it?? After all, that’s what dirty sluts do- they eat hot, sticky cum. And they fucking like it. And you- my dirty little slut- are no exception.

In other news, I recently put out an open invitation to my little cock sucking sluts. Well, I think I’ve found my cock-sucker. Yay!! Two in fact. One lives here in Denver. The other one lives out of state but visits often. Both are going to get their mouths used in my honor!!

An Opportunity To Suck Cock

I always get a bunch of emails from eager cock suckers who beg to suck cock for me. They plead to be pimped out and made to devour cock for my profit. Are you one of these types?? Do you want your mouth pimped out by Mistress Sarah??

Well, here’s your chance. It just so happens I’m in need of a cock sucking slut. I’m taking a real cock sucker here- not a fucking pretend one. You must want desperately to suck cock for my amusement and profit. Also, you must live in the Denver area or be willing to travel here periodically.

I recently moved to a new upscale apartment complex, which is totally fucking awesome. I’m wanting a slut to suck my landlord’s cock on a regular basis. To make a long story short, he’s totally gay and recently ended a long term relationship with his boyfriend.

So, I got to thinking, I have a ton of cock whores just dying to amuse me and suck cock for my profit. Why not have one or two service him on a regular basis?? Why not whore you out for his pleasure, and my amusement and profit.

Your cock-sucking activities are going to pay my rent each month- one blowjob at a time. That’s right, Mistress intends to get her apartment paid for by making use of your cock sucking skills. You’ll worship his cock with pride and make me totally proud. That’s how I’m gonna profit from your dirty dick sucker of a mouth.

Imagine getting a text message from me, summoning you to his office. As you enter, you see Mistress sitting in comfy office chair. I snap my finger and point to his cock. You quickly slide down his knees. He’s still in his pants and pushes your face against his rock hard cock. You tease him by tracing the outline of his cock with your tongue. Then you unbutton his pants and unspring his cock.

It’s totally wet with pre-cum and throbbing, searching for your hot mouth. He rubs it against your cheeks and uses it to slap your face. He’s happy to oblige your hungry mouth and feeds you the entire length. I can tell his cock literally hits the back of your throat by the way your eyes are watering. It’s so fun watching his cock dominate you, lol.

Using all the cock sucking techniques and skills I’ve taught you, you quickly go to work on his cock, giving him one of the best- if not the absolute best- blowjob he’s ever had. Make me proud- you’re sucking his cock for me, bitch boy. Accept his cum deep inside your mouth or all over your face- where ever he wants to give it to you. Being the dirty cock whore you are, relish the scent of his cock and the taste of his cum on your breath for the rest of the day.

So anyway, if this is something you’d like to pursue, send me an email detailing your cock sucking abilities. Beg to be my cock sucking whore and tell me why I should choose you.

Multi-Orgasmic Slut Training

Multi-Orgasmic Slut TrainingYou know how I like to call you a whore, spit in your face, and laugh my ass off at you?? Well, the other day I was thinking about many of the dirty, perverse things you do- like the way you get worked up in a slutty trance and lick up your cum in my honor. The depths to which your perversion sinks is quite impressive.

But, sadly, upon further reflection, it’s painfully obvious you haven’t yet reached your full “whore” potential. One of the things preventing you from reaching your full potential is your post-orgasm behavior and attitude.

What typically happens after you cum?? After almost every orgasm, the powerful, overwhelming desire to be a dirty slut drains from your mind faster than your disgusting mess drains from your balls. Then you spend a fucking eternity sitting there like a total moron toying with your soft cock trying to get hard for a second time.

I swear sometimes you’re so fucking pathetic. Anyone can be a dirty slut for the first orgasm- or up to the first orgasm. But a real whore?? A real whore can have orgasm after orgasm- nonstop- all night long. Until you can do the same thing, you’re not serving in your fullest capacity. I think that’s a little fucked up. In fact, I think you need an attitude adjustment, don’t you??

In many respects, you don’t understand what being a whore is all about. It’s not about your sexual pleasure. In fact any sexual pleasure or discomfort you might experience is irrelevant. Being a whore isn’t about sexual gratification, it’s about humiliation. It’s about experiencing what it’s like to be used and objectified. It’s about reducing you to nothing more than a sex object- a fuck-toy for your Mistress’ entertainment.

Think about a scenario where someone pays for a street strutting whore off the corner. It doesn’t matter if she thinks sucking cock repulsive. It doesn’t matter one bit if she enjoys anal sex or not. It doesn’t matter if she’s in the mood. If the client wants her to suck his cock, that what she’s going to do. If he wants to fuck her in the ass, she’s going to bend over, arch her back, and take it like a good girl. What she wants or enjoys doesn’t matter. Her purpose, just like yours, is to serve and entertain in whatever capacity instructed.

Like I said, you don’t yet know what it is to be sexually used and made to perform as a whore, but in this session I’m certainly going to show you. You’re going to learn what it means to be exploited, objectified, and made to serve as a real whore should- in any manner Mistress commands- regardless if you’re in the mood or if your pathetic drippy stick is hard or not.

Sometimes referred to as revenge masturbation or nonstop masturbation, multi-orgasmic slut training is much more than a stroke-a-thon. It’s about training you to be a multi-orgasmic cum whore, having orgasm after orgasm- not for your pleasure, bitch- for my pleasure and amusement. I’m going teach you what it means to be used as a sex object- fucked in all your holes, humiliated, spat upon, slapped. You’re going to experience some of my torments. Expect to left an exhausted, whimpering slut basking in the bright after glow of being used and sexually broken.

For the next hour or so, I want you to block out your selfish inappropriate desire for pleasure and gratification. The only thing that matters is what I want. It’s all about me, bitch. So be a good whore- shut the fuck up- and do exactly as you’re told.